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Swensen's ice cream and I

If you are looking for the best places to eat on your trip to Bangkok, you will LIKE this post!

If you are a foodie, you will LOVE this Food Adventure post.

I made this one based on my 4 days trip to Bangkok. It was a nice short trip where I DID NOT ONLY shop till I drop, but I also did eat till I drop in this capital city of Thailand. It was fun and exciting to try the food in Bangkok.

My Adventure with Food in Bangkok

Bangkok cuisine has so many options to choose to satisfy your appetite. Mine as well.

We are not talking only Thai Food, but also western cuisine. That’s why on this trip, my food adventure in Bangkok also includes western dishes.

So, here what you can find in this post:

*What and where to eat in Bangkok

– Thai Food aka the local food

– Street Food I tried, including the famous food you must try

– International Cuisine: Indian, Western, Mexican, desserts

*Food Photos (of course)

*Your Eating Guide (& tips)

*Meal Cost in Bangkok

*The Map of this food adventure showing the places to eat

I can say that this city is a paradise for foodies. I am a foodie and I certainly enjoy every eating moment I have. So I can say that this post is like my food story. Because I ate a lot of food in Bangkok!


Watch this short clip of my food adventure


The Food I ate in Bangkok

These are a brief list of what I eat. I don’t put the time when I ate them in this list. But you get the  picture how I eat till I drop 😊

Day 1 / Saturday

  • 11am arriving in Bangkok
  • – Mexican food in Siam Paragon Mall
  • – Dairy ice cream in Siam Paragon Mall
  • – Mango Sticky Rice in Siam Paragon Mall
  • – Rice crackers with caramel sauce (snack) in Siam Paragon Mall
  • – Promenade Juice in Platinum Mall

Day 2 / Sunday

  • – Indian food in MBK Center
  • – Dairy ice cream in MBK Center
  • – Pizza in Nana Square
  • – Pad Thai at Good Thai street food in Sukhumvit

Day 3 / Monday

  • – Thai veggie salad
  • – Beef soup
  • – Swensen Ice Cream in MBK Center
  • – Bbq meat in MBK Center
  • – Sweet & Salty Thai Taco snack in Siam Paragon
  • – Rice crackers with caramel sauce (snack) in Siam Paragon Mall

Day 4 / Tuesday

  • – Mango Sticky Rice
  • 11am Leaving Bangkok

I am not sure with you but I like trying new foods when traveling. Sometimes as many as my stomach can handle hahaha… Mostly because I never know when I can go back to these places. That is why my trip can be like a food adventure too.

These are the food I had that you can try too in Bangkok.


Thai Cuisine / Street Food for the Most Authentic Food in Bangkok


The following food I had in street food places or street food vendors

1. Pad Thai (fried noodle)

I can say this one is the most popular Thai Food that you should try it when visiting Bangkok. You can get it from the street stall or any local restaurant.

Below is the one I bought from Good Thai street food in Sukhumvit. You can choose between Chicken Pad Thai or Seafood Pad Thai. Not sure if there is Beef Pad Thai.

The taste? This Pad Thai tasted a lot better than the one I had in Rambuttri street.

Thai Food Pad Thai
Thai Food Pad Thai

2. Fried Sweet Potato

It’s like fried chicken and nugget, only they use sweet potato instead of chicken 🙂 In Indonesia, we call it gorengan (ubi goreng). In Japanese, we call it Yasai Tempura.

Thai snack - Fried Sweet Potato
Thai snack – Fried Sweet Potato

These foods below I had in Siam Paragon Mall. There was street food festival in the ground floor.

3. Sticky Rice with Mango from House of Sticky Rice stall

I never thought a fruit can go well with rice until I tried Mango Sticky Rice. This one I had in Siam Paragon.

They also serve sticky rice with durian. I would love to try in on my next visit.

Thai Food - Mango Sticky Rice
Thai Food – Mango Sticky Rice

4. Thai BBQ Meat

I like their skewer (chicken, tomato, paprika), pork tender, and chicken. Ask them to put spicy sauce when grilling it. It is yummy! The spiciness is acceptable, even for western tourists.

Thai BBQ Meat
Thai BBQ Meat

5. Thai Taco (sweet and salty)

Some people say it is Thai dessert. While I say this is Thai snack. It looks like crispy taco or crepe. I tried it once when I stayed in Khaosan area. Apparently, there are 2 options, a sweet taco and a salty one. These are a mix of sweet and salty. I bought it in Siam Paragon. There was a street food festival in the ground floor’s food court.

Thai Crispy Taco
Thai Crispy Taco


6. Mini rice crackers with caramel sauce

This one looks like Indonesian rice crackers, Rengginang. But Rengginang size is bigger and salty (no caramel sauce). I found it in Siam Paragon’s street food festival. They fried it and put caramel sauce soon as they are taken from the oil.

It tasted good that I couldn’t stop eating it.

Thai snack - Chonmanee caramel crackers 1

Thai snack - Chonmanee caramel crackers 2
Thai snack – Chonmanee caramel crackers

These I had in Centralworld Food Court.  

7. Thai veggie salad

I ate this in Centralworld food court. The taste is not for me.

8. Thai beef soup

I craved for noodle soup but this is the only I can find.

Food court in Centralworld Bangkok (beef soup and salad)
Food court in Centralworld Bangkok (beef soup and salad)

The following are from other places

9. Thai Tea in MBK Center

If you like tea and sweat, then this is a must try drink when you are in Thailand. It’s Thailand authentic drink. They put their special tea and mixed it with condensed milk and a bit of cream. I always have it when I go to Thai food restaurant in Jakarta. But nothing tastes better than its origin.

Thai Tea in Bangkok
Thai Tea in Bangkok

10. Pomegranate juice in street food place at Platinum Mall Bangkok

I cannot say no to try a fruit that I have never tried before. So, when I see this fruit juice, I instantly want to try it.

The tastes? It’s fresh but this juice is too sweet. Its price is more expensive than other fruit.

Promenade fruit juice in Bangkok
Promenade fruit juice in Bangkok

International Cuisine

1. Mexican food: La Monita Taco Truck – Siam Paragon, Bangkok

Love the food here. I tried their pizza taco, taco, and mini churros. It is pricey and the size is small.

Mexican Food in Bangkok - Siam Paragon
Mexican Food in Bangkok – Siam Paragon

2. Italian food: The Pizza in Nana Square, Sukhumvit

I love Italian food and their pizza is a must to try! Their ribs are also recommended! Worth the price. They have many outlets in Bangkok. I saw one near Rambuttri street. I will come back when I visit Bangkok again.

The Pizza Bangkok - pepperoni
The Pizza Bangkok – pepperoni
The Pizza Bangkok - the tastiest ribs ever
The Pizza Bangkok – the tastiest ribs ever


3. Indian food: Ali’s in MBK Center, Bangkok

I like their Dal Tadka (lentil/beans curry soup), plain naan bread, and Thai tea. While their Yellow Butter Rice and Butter Chicken Massala tasted too plain for me.

Indian Food in Bangkok
Indian Food in Bangkok

Must-Eat Dessert in Bangkok

The real dessert here is ice cream. Yep. I had a lot of ice cream in Thailand. Somehow it tastes much better than in Jakarta.

1. Diary Queen

My fave is coffee flavor and strawberry flavor.

dairy queen strawberry
dairy queen strawberry
dairy queen coffee
dairy queen coffee

2. Swensen’s

Pricey but tasted good!

Swensen's ice cream
Swensen’s ice cream
Swensen's ice cream and I
Swensen’s ice cream and I

Meal and Drink Cost in Bangkok

These are the price list of food on my visit in Bangkok:

  • Pad Thai: 60 bath
  • Fried sweet potato: 10 for 20 bath
  • Sticky Rice with Mango: 120 bath
  • Bbq meat: tender grilled pork 20 bath, bbq skewer about 30bath
  • Thai Crispy Tacos (crispy crepes): 6 for 20 bath
  • Mini rice crackers with caramel sauce: 100 bath per bag
  • The Pizza: 816 bath for 2 persons (large pan pepperoni pizza 459 bath, 3 pcs pork ribs 199 bath)
  • Indian food: 760 bath for 2 persons (yellow butter rice 130 bath, dal tadka 170 bath, chicken masala 260 bath)
  • Thai tea 79 bath)
  • Mexican food: about 865 bath for 2 persons
  • Dairy queen ice cream: 80 bath for large cup
  • Swensen’s ice cream: banana cream 155 bath, Waffle Sunday 149 bath
  • 100 Pipers Blended Scotch Whiskey: 299 bath for 500ml bottle in 7-eleven. This one tastes good even I don’t like whiskey.
  • Chang beer: 40 bath for small bottle in 7-eleven

Overall the meal cost in Bangkok is as follows:

  • Street food: less than 100 bath
  • Eating in food court: up to 200 bath per person
  • Nice restaurant in food court or nice shopping mall: up to 500 bath per person
Cost of Food in Bangkok
Cost of Food in Bangkok


Bangkok Food Guide & Tips

(1) If you are afraid of getting stomachache, then eating in the mall’s food court is the best option. These are some ideas on what you can eat in these Bangkok Shopping Malls:

  • Siam Paragon Mall: it has plenty of nice local and western dishes. There are also plenty for yummy pastry and dessert to try here. The place is huge!
  • MBK Center: it has plenty of local dishes. The place is as big as Siam Paragon.
  • Centralworld Mall: you need to purchase the food using their special card. You buy the card and top up the money in the customer service desk. After eating, you can return the card and get your money back.

Imo, Siam area offers many shopping malls with nice food courts for you. You can find the direction on how to reach these malls in my post, Shop Till You Drop in Bangkok.

Food court in Siam Paragon Bangkok
Food court in Siam Paragon Bangkok
Food court in Centralworld Bangkok
Food court in Centralworld Bangkok

(2) Where to find Halal Food in Bangkok?

You can find it in street food place in front of Platinum Shopping Mall.

Other than that, I see some restaurants in the area near BTS Nana (Nana Square), such as Halal Street Food places and restaurants,

(3) The best place to find authentic Thai food is of course in the street food places. Try their famous Pad Thai and Thai Tea Milk. You can’t leave Thailand without trying this! Because they serve it better than back home.

Where to find street food in Bangkok?

Street food is everywhere in Bangkok. You can find them near BTS stations, shopping malls, and the night market. You can go to Khao san area and Rambuttri Street to get it too. I would love to visit Chinatown in Bangkok and try the food there on my next visit.

Comparing to my previous trip to Bangkok or to other cities in Thailand (Koh Phi Phi-Koh Samui, Koh Tao-Phuket), I don’t eat many street foods this time. ThenI found these posts that I consider a good eating guide in Thailand, including the street food. I should try some of these recommendation on my next visit.

Street Food Place in Siam area
Street Food Place in Siam area
Street Food in Bangkok
Street Food in Bangkok

The Map of My Food Adventure

Click on this map to see the places to eat on my Thailand trip

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