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Welcome to My Travel Blog

Hi ! This blog is a combination of my free wordpress blogs, Travelling Angel and My Stay in Budget Hotel. Now is still in the process of merging and developing it.

It is about time to have my own domain. But I am a newbie and no IT background so it is indeed not easy and I consider it a tough challenge to create by myself.

Anyway, you can find my travel journals and my experience staying/checking out a hostel, budget hotel, and nice hotel in this blog. For easy searching, I will summarize all posts to its related page: My Travel Journal and My Stay Experience

Apart from those, I would like to write other topic as well once in a while. I will put the content list in Out of Topic page, which is still under development.

About Me

Currently I am living and working in this hustle bustle Jakarta city, Indonesia and trying my best to escape from it, esp when things got too much..  Unfortunately, sooner or later, I’ll miss the citylife. Turn out, I am a citygirl ^^.

I fancy movies, music, foreign languages, and ofcourse love to travel around and trying new things.  I also like to write once in a while. That’s why I have this blog, hoping to enhance my writing skill by combining all my passions here.

As for my trip, I think it’s more suitable for travelers who love beach, underwater, or active holiday. I fell in love with the beach and underwater somewhere between my adventure. So I can say that “beach or diving spot” is my main destination, but still considering that these places are not too quiet. Other than that, I prefer staying in “a budget hotel” which has “a nice swimming pool” and close to “nite life”.  and.. ow.. I don’t really like spending my holiday just relaxing in the hotel. It’s like wasting my time 😀  So I guess, if you have no common interest with mine, this journal might not be useful for you, although you might find the expense report to be helpful.

Well, hope my writing here would be useful for you!

For more up-to-date travel journal/tips/etc, Follow Us on Instagram #TravellingAngelStory and Facebook @TravellingAngelStory

The Places I’ve Been

some as backpacker.. some as flashpacker ^^
some are travelling with friends, some are solo traveling…

– Bali: kuta, legian, ubud, sanur, pecatu, seminyak, candidasa, lovina, tulamben, menjangan island, padang bai, nusa dua, amed, nusa lembongan  ( this island is like my second home )
Lombok: Senggigi, Gili Trawangan
– around Jakarta: Thousand Island (tidung island, semak island, pari island, pramuka island)
– Yogyakarta
– Central Java:
karimunjawa island
– West Java: bandung, pangandaran, green canyon, sangiang island
– Sumatera: pahawang island
– others: semarang, surakarta, purwokerto, dieng

– tokyo, kyoto, hiroshima, mishima

kuala lumpur, penang

– phuket-patong, koh phi phi don, koh phangan, koh samui, bangkok, koh tao

 chinatown, harbour front, clarke quay, little india, riverview

Next Journey.. I hope


–  Bali: nusa penida
–  Lombok: kuta beach

– Sumatera: bangka belitung island
 Sulawesi: wakatobi island

Thailand: Koh Lipe

– Langkawi island
 Sabah: sipadan island

Philippines : Boracay

Contact Me

First, you can message me directly to my social media (link below).

Second, you can simply leave a message in the comment below.

Either way, I will try to reply soon as possible.

This blog content is copyrighted.

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* * *

 H a p p y   T r a v e l i n g

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9 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. hey, finally I’m here to enjoy your blog
    how’s life, sis?
    Wow, you write your journals in English..that’s cool
    Seems like you wrote a lot about Bali.
    U just got there last week.
    just had a silent week before coming back to my paper matter (shit!)

    take it easy

    1. Hi PelancongNekad..
      Thanks for visiting this blog!!
      Sengaja pakai bahasa inggris supaya semua orang bisa membaca :p
      sekalian melatih kemampuan menulisnya 😉
      Ow.. u went to Bali last week?!?! directly from Ambon ??
      U do like travelling ya..
      Yep, I love Bali. I wanna explore whole area in Bali above and under the water hahaha…

      Anyway, good luck on your paper!

      1. hehehe,.good reason, pal.
        Yeah, I went to Bali 2 weeks ago, direct from Ambon (You know, I went off from Ambon only two days before the chaotic happened)
        You got me right, I do like traveling.
        I like Bali to, but I think it’s already been enough for me to travel there.
        there’s nothing I would like to see anymore. I’ve seen and been in the places I wanted to go.

        thanks for saying so.
        good luck on your job!

        Take it easy

  2. Dear Nov,

    Hi, how’s your day and job goin’?
    I read your comment on my journal, so sorry for that
    I’ve added your link, but I didn’t realize that I managed to display only 50 friends’ links.
    However, I’ve reordered. You may see your link is already displayed on my home.
    thanks for reminding me, pal.

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