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I travel… I create content for websites and YouTube plus do some photo and video editing. 

Here, I share all the experiences and skills I learned as well as on my YouTube channel and social media.

At the same time, I make use of what I learned to make money by offering freelance services and (luckily) to find a full-time job. 

I hope you can learn a thing or two (or more) from the contents I created.

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Travel and Food @novangely

Travel & Food

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Travel Diary, Food Story,
Hotel Review

Content Creator @novangely

Content Creator

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Content Writing, Social Media, Photo/Video Editing

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Travel Guide @novangely

Travel Guide

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The Best Travel Guide Ever!
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Nusa Penida Bali @novangely

Indonesian Posts

Semua artikel

Postingan dalam
Bahasa Indonesia 

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Let me assist you to do these tasks

  • Content Writing
  • Managing Social Media
  • Be Your Virtual Assistant
  • Photo Editing
  • Translation (English-Indonesian)
Hire Me for Freelance Writer Jobs

content writing

As a writer, I will do my best to write any kind of subjects. Even so, the topics that I am familiar with are travel, Indonesian news, content creation/social media, and food & beverage. 

I also know my way around WordPress and Elementor.

content editing

I work using photo editing tools such as Adobe Photoshop (and learning Lightroom). I do my video editing using Filmora Wondershare Video Editor.


I am native Indonesian and hold a Bachelor degree for English Translation. So I am confident with my English (written and spoken). 

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Creating content takes time and resources that your donation would mean the world for me. If you’d like to fund my work, you can go to my PATREON page. 

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