*freebies* Checklist to Keep Track of Your Content Sharing on Social Media

If you have so many CONTENT IDEAS for your blog and/or vlog, you will LIKE this freebie.

If you keep forgetting to share your content on social media, you will LOVE it more.

If you are a full time worker/full time parent who are new to blogging/vlogging world, then this FREE CHECKLIST is PERFECT for you.


Let me share the reason why I created this checklist.

Last year, I started blogging again that continues to create vlogs and then posts to promote my them in social media. I realize that I like what I am doing.

I want to create more blog /vlog posts and do content sharing on social media to promote them. I want to show the world the beauty (and the ‘beast’) of the places I visited. BUT it is not easy for me. Why?

  • I work full time which sometimes requires overtime.
  • I am a single parent, so I need to allocate time for family.

So, the option for me here is either I sacrifice all the free time or my progress will be slowly.
(I kinda go with slow progress here)

Other problems I have are:

  • I cannot stick to my plan. Sometimes there are sudden things to do.
  • I cannot post and share my content regularly. Mostly because I need time to create them. No content, no posting, no sharing.
  • I cannot do content marketing every day. This is important especially if you promote your post on Instagram.

Another thing,

I have many ideas but tends to forget when work got hectic. I did write it down in a piece of paper, took a picture, and email it to myself. Or I just write them in the email and send it to my blog email. But still, it is scattered among other email or I simply forgot.

How I Used to Keep My Ideas and Plans

I bought a book and write it all there including making a journal from all the things I learnt from other creators and experts. But keeping all in one book are difficult for me to look for them.

Then writing it down whenever the idea coming, in a piece of paper. It helps lessening my brain ‘memory’ until the time I need that notes and I forget where I put it. Well, notes can be missing when you need them the most.

I did some planning on my laptop and still it is not working. Sometimes, I don’t want to see computer 24/7.

Sounds like an excuse? Maybe.

I understand the key here is to be “Organized”.

I kept thinking how I can be organized in creating content.


Eventually, I found an idea to make some sort of checklist of what I want to do.

A checklist to show that my ideas are actualized into a content or not.

A checklist with end goal to create and share the content, without any specific target date of anything you do.

I tried and many checklists were made.

But with the mind “to never give up”, I finally found the checklist that meet my needs.

A simple one actually.

That in this opportunity, I will share it with you as freebies in exchange of allowing me to regularly send email to you about my content. I promise I won’t be spamming you 😊

What You Can Find in the Checklist

  1. Checklist for Content Ideas
  1. Simple Checklist for Content Sharing
  1. Checklist for Instagram
  1. Checklist per Post to share blog post, vlog, Patreon post, etc

How to Get the Checklist



  1. Write on the Comment section below: “Yes, please send me the checklist”
  2. By sending this comment, you agree to give your email and allow me to email newsletter regularly. I promise I won’t be spamming your inbox.
  3. I will confirm your email using my gmail. Please make sure you reply it to get the checklist.
  4. After receiving your confirmation, I will send you the checklist within 24 hours.
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How to Fill in the Checklist: please check it on my Patreon page.


I hope this freebie will help you keeping track of your content sharing on social media. After trying the checklist, please LET ME KNOW what you think about it on the comment section below. You can also contact me through Instagram.


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