What I Learned from #30dayschallenge to Grow Instagram Account

What I learned from #30dayschallenge to Grow Instagram Account

I had this idea last month to find out if my Instagram follower can grow by posting every day.


  • First, my account was kind of stagnant between 550-570 followers.
  • Second, I read it can help growing your account.
  • Third, out of curiosity.

So, I posted once a day on Instagram for 30 days.

During those 30 days, I spent at least 1 hour a day to check on my account and engage with my friends, followers, and other users.

I will share what I learned in two separate posts:

  1. What I learned from #30dayschallenge to Grow Instagram Account
  2. What I learned from #30dayschallenge to Post on Instagram Daily (coming soon)

While in this post, you will learn the following:

  • Data analytics for my Instagram engagement growth:
    • Time Spent impact to Interactions
    • Time Spent impact to Account Reach
    • Insights & Activity data
  • What kind of post that got the most/the least likes (Food or Travel)
  • How much growth I had by posting daily on Instagram

All data is collected from my Instagram so it maybe differs with other accounts.



What I learned from #30dayschallenge to Grow Instagram

Here goes the result:

Result #1

Instagram Engagement Growth

Time Spent vs Interaction vs Account Reach Data

IG Account Reach @novangely
IG Account Reach @novangely
IG Interactions @novangely
IG Interactions @novangely


The above chart shows you the comparison of the Time I Spent vs Interactions and the Time I Spent vs Account Reach.

According to Instagram,

  • Time Spent is the amount of time you spent on average using Instagram each day a device.
  • Interactions means the set of insights that measures the actions people take when they engage with your account.
  • Account Reach means the number of unique accounts that have seen any of your posts.

**The metric is an estimate/in development and may not be exact/may change as Instagram improve their methodologies.

If you see the above chart,

  • Interactions: day 6 shows that I spent 2 hours 7 minutes and got 38 actions. While on day 22, I spent 2 hours 14 minutes and got 24 actions.
  • Account reach: day 6 reached 176 accounts and day 22 reached 250 accounts.

So, it shows that the time spent on Instagram can increase the number of Account Reach but it does not affecting the number of Interactions.

My Instagram Insights and Activity Data

On regular days when I usually post twice a week,

  • I spent 1 hour 58 minutes a day.
  • Interactions is 19 per day.
  • Account Reach is about 90 per day.

After I die this #30dayschallenge:

  • I spent 59 hour 49 minutes during those 30 days. It’s about 2 hours a day or almost the same as regular days.
  • The total Interactions I had is 738 actions. It’s about 25 actions per day (132% compared to my regular posting).
  • The total Account Reach I had is 6250 accounts. It’s about 208 accounts per day (322%).

So, it shows that posting daily does help increasing my Instagram engagement.


Result #2

The Most Liked Post on My Instagram (and The Least)

The following data I collected on 13 October 2019

Food Post

  • I posted 11 photos about food.
  • Total like is 519 likes or about 47 likes per post.

Travel Post

  • I posted 19 photos about travel.
  • Total like is 1011 likes or about 53 likes per post.

Photo with me in it

  • There are 5 posts.
  • Total like is 320 likes or about 64 likes per post.

The least liked post is this duck salad with 36 likes.



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by NOVANGELY | Food Travel Photo (@novangely) on



The most liked post is a photo of me on Yogyakarta’s beach. 



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by NOVANGELY | Food Travel Photo (@novangely) on


My niche is Travel and Food. So, if seeing those data, Travel post has more like than Food post. But interesting fact, the photo with me in it has more like than Travel. Maybe people like to see the real account user’s photo?


Result #3


IG Followers Growth in 30 Days @novangely
IG Followers Growth in 30 Days @novangely

My main goal for this #30dayschallenge is to know if posting regularly (once a day) can help growing Instagram account.

When I started posting daily (Day 1), I had 564 followers.

On Day 30, I had 587 followers.  That is 23 more followers than Day 1.

If you see the chart, my account growth is almost 1 follower a day.



In this post, you have learned that based on the data collected on my Instagram account:

  • The Time Spent on Instagram can increase the number of Account Reach. I can say more people become knowing your account/brand.
  • Posting daily can help increasing Instagram engagement. The more people know your account/brand, they will interact with your account. Then you get more Interactions and Account Reach on Instagram.
  • As for the most liked post, imo this one depends on your niche and content. My account has more like for Travel post than Food post. Then it turned out that posts with the account user’s photo (my photo) has even more likes.
  • As for the main goal to grow Instagram account by posting daily, my followers do increase. However, the growth number is not as expected. There are more things you have to know & do grow faster. I will share it on my next post, What I Learned from #30dayschallenge to post on instagram daily. Follow my Instagram to not miss it 😉

Overall, I am happy with the result. My Instagram account has more than 570 followers now.

I hope this post can give you an insight on how to grow Instagram account. Don’t forget! If you like my post, please leave “YES” on the comment below and follow my Instagram @novangely.


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