Shop Til You Drop in Bangkok!

If you plan for Bangkok shopping, then you’ll LOVE this trip story.
I spent 3 days shopping in Bangkok, I’ve never done this, but still I shop til I drop!
I put my shopping tips in this post as well so this will be YOUR Best Guide Ever! for Shopping in Bangkok.

How could I shop til I Drop?

I’ve heard a lot of my friend saying, “I’m going to Thailand for Bangkok shopping” and that “You can find the cheapest shopping in Bangkok“. While I was thinking, what a waste of money to go overseas just for shopping. I’ve heard this for so many years and only until last month, I know why they like shopping in Bangkok. I am not a typical traveler who shops a lot during my trip. So even I’ve visited Bangkok twice, I’ve never been here for shopping only. Thus, I, myself, never had a shopping experience like in Bangkok, where I shopped til I dropped.

So how could this happen to me now?

It is my third visit to Bangkok and this is the story.

Before you read further, these are what I will write so you can use it as your Bangkok Shopping Guide.

  • Shop Til You Drop in Bangkok
    – Siam Paragon
    – Platinum Fashion Mall
    – MBK Center Bangkok
    – CenterWorld Bangkok
    – Big C Supercenter
    – Gaysorn Village Mall
    – Bangkok shopping prices
    – Bangkok Travel Guide: exchange rate and traveler’s data sim card in Dong Muang Airport
    – Bangkok Shopping Tips: how to find the cheapest shop or not to get tired shopping
  • Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World – next post
  • The food & tips – next post
  • The transportation & tips – next post
Check it out:

Bangkok Shopping Trip Day 1

I left Jakarta on Air Asia first flight and arrived in Don Muang International Airport. It was rainy November in Jakarta and someone said it was sunny November in Thailand. Well, it turned out wrong. It was still raining in Bangkok on November. The rain weather made it feel cold inside Don Muang airport.

Not many people were queuing for immigration that morning. But it won’t stop me for getting nervous every time I pass immigration check. Yeah… I watch too many tv series about scary crazy immigration check in airport or how people got trick to have something prohibit in their luggage, etc… etc… Then it was my turn and the officer put the stamp on my passport, and he asked me to wait… OMG! I got nervous, thinking something is wrong with my passport etc. My brain starts playing all the time when I was passing all the immigration, especially on my Thailand Trip. But I cannot find anything wrong. I just try to hold my nervous and 10 minutes later, the officer came to me with a lady and give me this card.

Bday Card from Thailand Immigration

Oh my God! It turned out to be a Happy Birthday card from the immigration office. I was surprised and relieved in the same time. Then the lady officer explained it to me. They wished me happy birthday and took a picture, me and the officer. I wish I had that photo, but I was too shock with the experience and all I do is to leave the immigration soon LoL. Although so, I do appreciate this nice gesture though from Thailand Immigration.

Then I head to the ground floor, buying AIS 3 days tourist package (unlimited 4G data) for 150 bath.

#TravelGuide 1: Make sure you have a working data package during your trip. You will need it to access the map or translation app. Click to Tweet


I also exchange IDR500,000 for small money in Kasikorn Bank’s Money Exchange Counter. The rate was 0.0013 bath so I exchanged Rp500,000 for Rp650 bath. I thought that was okay. After I received the money, I tried to calculate the rate and geez, it was like 178% from the rate in Jakarta. Maybe my foot were not in the ground yet. I was still happy (or shock) with the immigration experience.

AIS 3 Days Unlimited 4G Data SIM Card
Low Rupiah exchange rate at Don Muang Airport

So a lesson learned here. 

#TravelGuide 2: Always calculate your money with a cool head and use calculator when traveling. Then compare the rate in the money changer with your country, before agreeing on their offer. Click to Tweet

Unless, you want to spend the rest of your day regretting it (like me) hahaha.



On the way to the hotel

My hotel is in Sukhumvit area. It was about 40 minutes ride from airport due to the rain. The cost was 520 bath including airport charge, toll, and tips.

Rainy days

The hotel, Chateau de Bangkok, is not far from BTS Phloen Chit. The room is big for a studio apartment. It has rooftop pool.

Chateau de Bangkok Hotel in Sukhumvit
BTS, convenient way to go around Bangkok
BTS train

Siam Paragon

After the rain stopped, it was time to start the shopping trip. Siam in Bangkok is the destination area. But first, I need some energy. So I went to Siam Paragon for lunch. I’ve been here in 2016 but their food court in basement looks different. There are so many delicious food and cakes… I was ‘awe’. Why didn’t I see this before? There is like a street food bazaar here as well. All are tasty! I am a foodie too, so these foods are really tempting. I feel like I want to try them all. I ended up with a Mexican food and these yummy crackers with caramel sauce. I also tasted my fave Dairy Queen’s ice cream. Amazingly it tasted so good, even on a full stomach. It also tasted different than the one in Jakarta, different in a much better way.

Siam Paragon, Siam Center

Finished with the lunch, I then walked from Siam Paragon to Platinum Fashion Mall. It took about 15 minutes through the back alley. It is easier if you just take the main road and use their sky bridge in front of Central World Mall. I always wonder how the famous Platinum Fashion Mall looks like.

The Platinum Fashion Mall

It is a huge mall and the most important thing, this is one of the cheapest shopping mall in Bangkok.

Outside the mall, there are truck foods selling local foods. Nice! I think that week was a street food festival everywhere. Well, the mall and its surrounding look like this from outside.

I found a socks vendor outside on the road that sells these socks for 100 bath per 6 pieces. They come in sizes and colors (cream, grey white, and black). So cheap! I bought it on my last day!

6 for 100 bath. Who can resist??

The inside of this mall is HUGE!! Apparently, there are 3 separate buildings. They sell clothes in all the buildings but jewelry, shoes, children’s clothes in certain floor/separate building. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to take pictures inside the mall. Even though I sneaked out to take few of this.

I started exploring the mall from top floor.

#ShoppingTips 1: Always starts shopping from the top floor. It won’t be tiring to go down the stairs than going up.

#ShoppingTips 2: Sometimes you find the nicest and cheapest one in the top floor or in the corner shop.

What I did here was just going around without any guidance that eventually made me exhausted. So, by the end of the shopping, my foot hurt a lot!!  It feels like I’ve been walking the whole day. It was underscribable.

#ShoppingTips 3: When shopping in Platinum Fashion Mall, try to learn which building you are now as well as where are the other building sign. Then take a look at their directory and see in which floor and which building they sell what you want.

Photo by Wonder A from TripAdvisor


Anyway, in order to buy only what I need, I made this shopping list:

– office clothes (a suit): 2 pieces
– dress: 2 pieces
– shoes: 1 pair
– jewelry (I love feather earrings): 2 pieces
– for my family: clothes, tshirt, teenager’s jeans pants/jacket – 5 pieces

My budget (per item) if possible is not more than 200 bath for clothes and 100 bath for other items. Let’s see if I can stick to this by the end of shopping trip in Bangkok 😊

So I walked and looked around, then I bought these:

– a pink blazer @ 280 bath,
– 2 women blouse @ 200 bath,
– 1 woman sleeveless blouse @ 280 bath.

Yes, these shopping prices are more than my budget but still cheaper than Jakarta. In this mall, the more you buy the same type of clothes, the cheaper you get! This is how to get cheap clothes. I saw people dragging their shopping bag, just like dragging a garbage bag. It was a big bag and I know they are Indonesian from their language. So now I know where those shops in Jakarta buy their items from.

I think that’s it for the first day shopping.

Ow, there is this river boat which dock is across the mall.

Platinum Fashion Mall surrounding and river boat

I would love to try it but my schedule was pretty tight. Even my curiosity was pretty high that time, I just tell myself I can do it next time. Because now is time to check the mall.

Overall, Bangkok shopping was challenging. Many shops to choose what to buy. I haven’t found what I was really looking for. I spent the time mostly to explore Platinum Fashion Mall and check out what they are selling. Although not all the buildings’ floors I explored. The place is HUGE! But at least I got a picture on what to buy next.

Street Food Festival in Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok

So what do you think?

Can this make you shop til you drop on your first day of Bangkok Shopping trip?
If you have other idea on what to do on your first shopping day in Bangkok
…or even your shopping,
please drop a comment below right now.
I would love to hear it!

Continue > Bangkok Shopping Trip Day 2: MBK Center and Platinum
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