Solo Travel in Bangkok, Thailand

Things To Do Alone in Bangkok Thailand

Things to do alone in Bangkok Thailand

I always want to go back and travelling solo in Thailand, visiting other city or beach like Bangkok or Patong, especially after my first one in 2012 (read “Islands Hopping from Phuket-Thailand to Penang-Malaysia“). I love their beach, no big wave or underwater current. It’s wide, shallow, and has clear water. Also there are still many islands that I haven’t been to and this time, I have a goal. I would like to know if they have more beautiful underwater than Indonesia.

So I was back to this country in March 2016. Yeah, I know it’s 2 years ago but I had good times there and it would be a waste for not writing about it. It was a 9-days solo travel in Thailand (Bangkok-Koh Tao-Patong) and the following is my itinerary in Bangkok:

Day 1: Bangkok

Day 2: Bangkok – Koh Tao

Day 3-6: Koh Tao (diving, snorkeling)

Day 7: Koh Tao – Patong

Day 8-9: Patong

and here goes my journey…

Off to Bangkok Thailand // Transit in Singapore

I started my trip from their capital city, Bangkok.

I flew there using Batik Air which then switched to Thai Lion Air in Singapore. It was an early flight and took a bit longer due to transit in Singapore. But I got to learn few things about Singapore airport.

What you need to know about Changi Airport, Singapore

First, this airport is huge.

You better look for your designated lounge first before looking at the nice shops there/window shopping. It can be a long walk, especially when your next flight is in different terminal.

Second, do not enter the lounge immediately!

You are not allowed to get inside the lounge until your flight is shown in the lounge monitor. They are very strict on this!!

Third, bring a jacket!

It is cold inside the terminal. So don’t forget to pack your jacket or sweater in your hand-carry bag.

Fourth, bring empty drink bottle!

I am not used to drink from tap water. But considering how crazy the price is for a bottle of water in this airport, it would do you a favor by carrying one with you.

Lastly, their free wifi!

Yep, they have free wifi and the speed is fast! All you need to do is to look for Customer Information in the middle of the terminal. Then show your passport and they will give you the password. It’s good to kill the time while surfing the net.

Leaving Singapore & Arriving in Dong Muang Airport, Bangkok

The flight went well. I arrived in Dong Muang airport around 1:45pm. This is one of the airports in Bangkok which designated for budget airlines. My first impression? It is an okay airport. Not many people queuing in the immigration stop. I had some jitters from my over thinking-because I was traveling solo. Even so, still excited for the journey.

Anyway, it is also easy to get to Terminal 1 to catch the airport bus to Khao San Road. Yes, I tried to use their public transportation, trying to know how it feels traveling like a western backpacker 😀

You can read the transportation I used in my post, “Travel Info: Transportation Thailand

Khaosan Road and Rambuttri Street

I took off from the bus in Rambuttri. Then trying to look for my hostel, NapPark, using google map. It is so handy traveling anywhere with this map! By the way, the hostel turned out to be few steps away from the bus stop. I wrote about this hotel in other post, “My Stay at NapPark @Khaosan Road.

Airport Bus from Don Muang Airport, Bangkok
Public Bus from Mochit bus stop to Rambuttri Street

I always want to know how crazy Khaosan road is. This road is only 2 alleys away from my hostel. I went to check it during the day and I didn’t see anything crazy during the day.

During the night, Rambuttri street is lighten up with lamps from restaurants in the area.

Rambuttri street at night

Although so, I prefer trying the street food when traveling.

Meanwhile, Khaosan Road started to change into party zone at night. I just passed the clubs in this street, looking at how crazy things are inside. I wanted to get in, sit in the bar.. but my gut said ‘no’. Another thing I learnt when traveling solo is to listen to your gut. So I just looked from afar, while listening to the mixed songs in the air. Apparently it was not only me who becoming the audience of those crazy clubs. It was fun to watch.

Siam Paragon & nearby area

During my 2 days stay in Bangkok, I also want to see how their shopping places are. My friend said it is cheaper than Jakarta. So I went to one of their nice mall, Siam Paragon. I used Grabbike, an online motorbike taxi. It was just like TukTuk, they drive like crazy hahaha. (note: I could not find this service anymore in July 2012)

I checked H&M and other outlets but the price is the same. Then I looked for AIS Traveller SIM at AIS Shop in Siam Paragon. I read their shop is big there. But unfortunately they don’t have it and instead, pointed me to look in the nearby BTS station. I remember that time I was so tired and no time to look in other places. So they ended up helping me and set up an AIS 1-2-Call SIM. Nice!

After that, I just did window shopping a bit and looked around their food court in basement, which looks amazing by the way J Even so, I didn’t eat there. I ate outside, near MBK shopping center.

Next, I walked from Siam Paragon to MBK. It looks close but the crossing bridge is a bit confusing. MBK is more like a mall where you sell cheap/affordable items. I see mostly shirt and souvenirs. I bought some shirts for home. Because I am not sure I would find this kind of shops and prices in the other place.

Getting panic on finding transportation to go back

Other thing I remember is that I am almost desperate on finding transportation to go back to my hostel. I haven’t properly installed my SIM Card and connected it to my Grabbike application. None speaks English to explain which bus I should take to Khaosan Road. I was afraid of taking taxi because the things I read that they would charge you crazily expensive. I tried Grabbike but so difficult as the driver doesn’t speak English. It was dark so I did get panic.

But then I tried calming myself down. I connected Grabbike app using Thai SIM Card. Then it took me almost 1 hour before finally getting a Grabbike who understands English.

Lesson learned here: I should find and learn other transportation options in the area I visit.

Trying Thai Massage

Another thing I like to try in Thailand is their original Thai Massage. I went to the massage parlor in Rambuttri Street. Took 1 hour Thai massage for like 300 bath. The therapist asked me to lay in a thin mattress and started the massage. First it felt nice but then, geez.. it was rough. My body hurts afterwards. I wonder why it was different than I’ve ever had in Indonesia.

Eating Street Food

As I said earlier, I try to eat the street food as much as possible. I like a bit adventure with my food as well. Plus I have an Indonesian tummy (immune to bacteria–so they say–). These were the food I tried in Bangkok. I dunno the name for sure, except for durian fruit 🙂

not sure what this is but tasted good.
the famous Pad Thai
my fave – durian fruit –


So those are my 2 days trip in Bangkok.

On Day 2 exploring Thailand, I took a night bus to Koh Tao. You can check the bus info in my post, “Travel Info: Transportation Thailand

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