Transportation in Thailand

Travel Info for Transportation in Thailand from Bangkok to Koh Tao and Patong. I am lucky enough to be able to visit Thailand twice this year. It gave me my next writing materials for this blog again. So… let me start with the most valuable topic first (imo) that most travelers look for, “the transportation”.

IMO for Local/Female Traveler: Think Twice Before Staying Here

Sometimes you had a wonderful hotel stay in Bali. Sometimes you did not. That is s*ck and in this post, I share you my recent worst experience when staying in hotel in Bali. So bad that I had to advice you to think twice before staying in this hotel.

Hunting Nemo in Pahawang island, Sumatera

I learnt about Pahawang island from a colleague. She said I would be able to see nemo while snorkeling there. I browse the net to look for the island info, the images looks beautiful so I decided to go there. I would love to hunt some nemo as well, wondering would it be true that I can see them without diving in deep sea?

Exploring the Beach around Yogyakarta

I’ve been to Yogyakarta, also known by the locals as “Jogja”, for quite a few times. So when my friend asked me to travel there early this year, I was a bit hesitate. But then they told me they wanted to visit my fave destination aka the beach, I instantly changed my mind ^^ To be frank, I don’t know about any beach in Jogja, but apparently there are some nice beaches in the southern part. These are the places I haven’t explored. So few months later, I found myself back to the center of Javanese culture, Jogja, with my friends whom also my coworkers and this is some highlights of our journey.

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