Forth Stop : Koh Samui, Thailand

Part 5 of 6

Partying in Koh Samui Island


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January 2012

  • Day 7 (part 2)  Koh Phangan to Koh Samui
  • Day 8  Koh Samui
  • Day 9 (part 1)  Leaving Koh Samui for Penang

Staying at Samui Mandalay Resort, Chawengwhich is part of Ark Bar group now ^^

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In general, Koh Samui is more populated and develop than Koh Phangan. It looks like a small capital city in an island. It has complete facilities. One thing I notice here is that it offers all kind of nite entertainment, especially for the guys ^^

Day 7 (part 2)  – Koh Phangan to Koh Samui

Ferry ride from Koh Phangan to Koh Samui takes about 30m. We landed in a harbor called Big Buddha. My friend and I planned to take minivan to Koh Samui. We read that it only costs 100 baht to Chaweng and it’s true. We found the minivan in the pier yard with the same fare. They put our luggage on the top f vehicle. It was a bit rainy that day so my backpack was a bit wet.

It took about 30min (I guess) to reach Chaweng. They drop us in the street to our hotel. We stayed at Samui Mandalay Hotel which is located just behind Ark Bar, a resort with a nice beach bar. Apparently the hotel management had just been taken over by Ark Bar so we could use Ark Bar pool. Nice!! It was not even check in time so we just dropped our bag in the reception deposit area then wandering around to find lunch.

There are many restaurants choice on Chaweng road. We looked for a local street vendor but couldn’t find it. But we found a small Indian Restaurant and had our lunch there. I forgot the restaurant name but it surely tasted good!

After lunch, we went to Tesco Lotus, a big supermarket in city center. We took a taxi for about 200baht. This supermarket is huge and has complete merchandise. I bought ipod charger (mine was broken a day before), some candy and snacks for souvenir and medicine. I didn’t feel well that day, maybe cause of the late meal. Finished with the shopping, we went back to hotel with bike taxi. We paid like 70bath/bike. The bike ride was kinda scary compare to Indonesian bike taxi, probably because I dunno the area and some roads were under construction.

That nite, I spent it at Lamai to meet a friend from travel forum. He showed me around Lamai which is more like a gentlemen area. I saw bars with girls in the pole. It’s interesting though. I went there by tuktuk, taking about 20m ride for 100baht. From there, we all went to Chaweng to enjoy the nite at Ark Bar and Green Mango club with some friends I met in Haad Rin.


Day 8  – Koh Samui

Hangover in the morning for sure. Thai drinks are affordable that can knock you out the next day if you don’t know when to stop ^^  So I just spent the day in the hotel, relaxing on the beach and swimming pool.

We had lunch in Khaosan restaurant, near the hotel, which tasted good and affordable with fast wifi. I was looking for cheap ticket to Penang afterwards. I went to some travel agents which gave me ticket price from the range of 1100-1500 baht. I took the 1100 baht fare ofcourse. I found the place after an hours searching : (

It was my last day in Thailand so I tried to spend the most of it. I had a meet up with some travelers at Coco Farm beach café in Bophut Fisherman Village. This place is famous for sunset view with Koh Phangan island in the background. Unfortunately it was rainy day so I was late to be there. It was dark already.  I went there but tuktuk, paid 100baht. But lucky, the meet-up was still going and we moved the venue to one of the members’ place to continue our chitchat. It was nice chatting with people who have the same hobby as mine near the swimming pool under the moonlight ^^

My last nite in Chawend ended at Green Mango club, which unfortunately my money got stolen there. Not what I expected but you’ll never know what’s gonna happen. Just be careful if you go there!!


Day 9 (part 1)  – Leaving Koh Samui for Penang

I had to leave very early this day. I said goodbye to my friend who was very nice to have bought me omelet for breakfast on the road 😀 We have to separate our way. She went back through Kuala Lumpur by flight while I went back through Penang by land/sea transport.

All and all, I had wonderful time in Koh Samui. This is really the best place to stay on your last day in Thailand. Just be careful when you go clubbing.

Well, next stop Penang


(usd 1 = Rp.10,000 = 30baht = 3rm)

  • Hotel : Samui Mandalay Resort for  USD26/nite for twin bed room with AC, TV, refrigerator, swimming pool and hot water (reserved through
  • Haad Rin pier, Koh Phangan to Big Buddha pier, Koh Samui :  200baht by Haad Rin Queen boat
  • Chaweng (hotel), Koh Samui to Georgetown, Penang : 1100baht by ferry, bus, minivan(Joint ticket ) with Holiday Tour group
  • Chaweng to Tesco Lotus Chaweng : 200baht by yellow taxi
  • Chaweng to Lamai & Fisherman village :  100baht/person after 6pm by Tuktuk
  • Lunch at Indian resto : around 250-300 baht
  • Lunch at Khaosan Resto : around 300 baht for Thai tea, Pineapple Fried Rice and Fried Ice Cream
  • Mixed Fruit Shake at Coco Tam’s in Fisherman Village : 100baht
  • Cocktails at Green Mango club : from 130baht
  • Singha beer at cafe/bar in Lamai : 90-100 baht / small bottle

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