A quick look of Gili Trawangan and Senggigi, Lombok island

I’ve been to Tidung island in Jakarta,
Karimunjawa island in Central Java
and my fave Bali island

but I have to say that Lombok island is the most beautiful and natural one.

beautiful view from gili trawangan beach

beautiful view from gili trawangan beach



March 2013
Day 1   Jakarta – Bali
Day 2   Bali – Lombok airport – Gili Trawangan
Day 3   Gili Trawangan – Senggigi
Day 4   Senggigi – Lombok airport – Jakarta


Woohoo.. I finally visited Lombok island. I never thought this short trip would be a very nice and enjoyable one. 3 nites trip with 3 places to visit. Never crossed in my mind too that I would see so many amazing scenery. Lombok is a very beautiful island. I am so happy that I didn’t cancel this trip.

Day 1:  Jakarta – Bali

I took an afternoon flight to Bali. It was crowded in the airport, both Jakarta and Bali, probably because of the long weekend/Easter holiday. I arrived in Bali airport around 10pm. I usually just walked to airport gate to catch a Blue Bird Taxi for 25-50% lower fare than airport taxi. But this time I was lucky! I met my long time no see best friend on the plane and she gave me a ride til my hotel in Kuta.

I stayed in Tune Hotel Kuta this time. I want a place that is close from Legian clubs and affordable one. Tune Hotel Kuta has it all (if you booked in advance). I got a promo price for Rp130,000/nite for fan room. When check in, their front officers greeted me very kindly. The room is small but it’s clean. It’s my first time staying there and I had a pretty good first impression.

More about this hotel, please go to My Stay at Tune Hotel Kuta (bali) in my other blog.

tune hotel kuta room

[ tune hotel kuta, room ]

Later that nite, I spent the time with my friends in my fave Sky Garden club Legian. The club has just been renovated and became twice bigger with 2 new awesome chill out floors, Shisha lounge and Sky Dome.  Love it!! Just check out their website:  61legian.com/venues 

sky garden shisha lounge and sky dome
[ Sky Garden club ]


sky garden shisha lounge and sky dome

Day 2:  Bali – Lombok airport – Gili Trawangan

Hardly slept, I checked out from hotel early morning to catch the first flight to Lombok island and then going to Gili Trawangan island. I departed from the new domestic area of Ngurah Rai Airport . It’s still under construction, no tile on the floor but I can see that it’ll turn out to be a nice airport once it’s done.

There are 2 ways to go to Gili Trawangan island from Bali, by airplane or by boat, and I took the plane. I chose it because I was worried with the sea condition and I had to be in Lombok as scheduled. It’s my first time taking short distance flight so I was surprise to see how small the aircraft is. I used Wings Air/Lion Air and it has 2-2 seating with only 20 rows, I guess. It was scary thinking that I was gonna be flying in that small aircraft but eventually the flight went well. It’s only a 30min flight anyway.

I arrived in Lombok international airport at 7am. The view from the plane was beautiful. I could see rice fields with fogs covering it. The airport apparently lies in the middle of huge fields (like in the middle of nowhere). I didn’t see many people after landing, inside and outside of the airport. Maybe it was too early or because it’s a newly built airport ? It is a good one though, much better than Jakarta Domestic Airport for sure ^^

lombok airport bus DAMRI Engkel minivan lombok
[ Airport Bus “DAMRI” and green minivan to Bangsal “ENGKEL ]
Green minivan outside look foto is taken from pikooy.blogspot.com

I was a bit confused that day, either to take airport bus to Senggigi (Rp.25,000) then catch a taxi (about Rp70,000) from there or taking a backpacker way. I somehow ended up taking the most cheapest option, the backpacker way.

I took an airport bus called Damri. It is on your right side after exit gate. This bus will take you to two drop-points, in Mataram for Rp15,000 and in Senggigi for Rp25,000. Their drop point in Mataram is like a small bus terminal. There are Blue Bird taxi waiting in the gate. I didn’t stop there but I asked the driver to drop me off at Lombok old Airport called Selaparang, within Mataram and Senggigi. I paid Rp25,000 for this (paid when buying the ticket in the counter for Senggigi destination). Then I took bike taxi or we called it “ojek” to Pasar Rembiga for Rp10,000. Pasar Rembiga is like a traditional market. People usually catch a minivan bus called Engkel to Bangsal Pier from that market for about Rp10,000 .  Fortunately, the bike taxi spotted that Engkel on the road and suggested me to take that green minivan. There were some passengers inside, some were smoking.. Ouh.. I hate when people smoking in public transportation, but we cannot complain, unless in Jakarta. The ride to Bangsal Pier took about an hour. You will feel like riding a roller coaster cause of the route passing mountainous area. It’s a fresh air for me seeing green everywhere. Despite that smoking passengers, I do enjoy the ride.

An hour had passed and I arrived in Bangsal pier. This pier is the place where we can take public boat to Gili Trawangan for only Rp10,000.  The minivan dropped me off in the intersection to Bangsal pier. You will see a big welcome gate to the pier. (please note that it is only the gate. the actual pier is way further down the lane). Once I got off from Engkel, some Cidomo “a horse cart” drivers approached me, offering me a ride inside. It was still early, about 10am, so I preferred walking. But I can say it was so difficult to decline their offer. I felt pity. They were so persuasive  and pushing so hard for me to get away from them. But if you cannot say ‘no’ to them, it is only Rp10,000-15,000 to the pier. Very affordable. Plus if you insist on walking, it will take about 20min or more. It is a very long walk ^^

courtesy of exploreindonesia-nusantara.blogspot.com
[ Cidomo ‘ a horse cart’ from exploreindonesia-nusantara.blogspot.com ]


When reaching the main area of Bangsal pier, I went straight to the ticketing office building. It is the blue building on your left side after entering main pier area. Beware of some touts who will approach you and say “there is no more boat” or even direct you to their boat for higher fare. Just remember to buy your ticket in the counter and it costs only Rp10,000 . After purchasing your ticket, you will have to wait till the passengers meet their quota (25 people purchasing the same ticket color). Just wait in front of the ticketing office or on the beach where you can take photo of the Gilis while waiting. They will call the passengers based on their ticket color. Ow.. I guess they mentioned the color in Indonesian so if you don’t speak Indonesian, it’s better to stay close to people with the same ticket color or simply learn the language ^^

bangsal public boat
[ Public boat in Bangsal Pier ]

The ride to Gili Trawangan island takes about 20min. I can see the clear blue water and the 3 Gilis island from the boat. Gili Trawangan is the most touristic place among others with many budget accommodation, restaurants and nite entertainment. The island reminds me of Koh Phi Phi in Thailand without the hills or Pulau Kecil in Karimunjawa islands with population.

Soon after, I arrived in Gili Trawangan… I saw it has white sand.. The water is light blue-turquoise..  I felt like falling in love at the first sight. I luv it!

public boar in gili t pier
[ Public boat pier in Gili Trawangan ]

Soon as you step on the main beach road, some touts will offer you accommodation . I, like usual, had booked my accommodation in advance. I chose to spend the nite in a dorm at Gili Hostel. This hostel is located about 5min walk from the pier. Just go right once you jump off the boat. It’s on the small alley next to Fortuna Café on your left. Gili Hostel offers a bed for about Rp.150,000/nite in a 7bed mixed-dormitory. There are more than 5 dormitories. Each two dormitories has a connecting bathroom. The hostel has a Rooftop Bar which offers a very affordable drinks. It is a nice place to stay but unfortunately their bathroom cleanliness level is very low that I don’t think I would stay there again, unless they fix that.

More about this hostel, please go to My Stay at Gili Hostel (gili trawangan) in my other blog.

gili hostel cider beer
[ Gili Hostel bed, Rooftop and my new fave drinks Cider Beer ]

I didn’t really have plan that day. Just to check my diving schedule with Trawangan Dive for the next morning and to explore the island. So I took a nap in return to my sleepless night in Bali. After all energy came back, I went out again to get some food and photos and relax on the beach.

beach in front villa ombak, gili t
beach in front villa ombak, gili t
[ Nice chill out place and ocean view in front of Villa Ombak  ]

nasi campur, green cafe, gili t
[ Lunch at Green Café (nite market area) ]

roasted chicket set at nite market, gili t
[ Dinner at Nite Market<br />roasted chicken set ]

nite market, gili t
[ Nite Market in Gili T ]

I made a friend when having dinner in the nite market. She then took me around and showed me the island’s nite entertainment: Tir Na Nog, Irish Bar and Sama-sama Bar. We spent the time in Sama-sama bar. It is like beachfront café with reggae music which the late it gets the more beat the music has. If I am not mistaken, there is only 1 bar that has a party in a nite and the party in Gili T is up to 5am. Cool!!


Day 3:  Gili Trawangan – Senggigi

I started my day with the hostel pancake breakfast. An orange juice, a fruit plate and tea coming along with it. Delicious!!

gili hostel bfast

[ Breakfast at Gili Hostel ]

At 9.30am, I went to Trawangan Dive Center for a morning dive. My dive guide, Lis, is a friendly guy, so typical guide I used to have in Bali and he showed me amazing marine life. We dived in the site called Shark Point. I didn’t meet any shark though (thanks God!) and unfortunately the corals are mostly dead BUT I saw 2 giant turtles, Napoleon fish, nemos in their houses, Napoleon fish, Scorpion fish, giant Clamps, Tiger fish, Sting Ray, Bat fish and schools of about 30 Bumphead fish. I haven’t seen some of these fishes before. Awesome!!

For better visualization, these are some pictures of marine life  I saw when diving in Gili T but these are not taken in Gili T.

some of marine life i saw diving in gili trawangan

pictures taken from : www.redorbit.com ,  commons.wikimedia.org,  www.factzoo.com,  www.britannica.com, theseamonster.net, rofaghaieshilati.blogfa.com

Below are the views from diving spot.


P3310637 P3310636 P3310634

I wish I could have 2 dives but my time is very limit. I should go to Senggigi before afternoon so I would be able to explore it too. I checked out from hotel around 12 then I met my new friend on my way to lunch. We had lunch together in Gili Deli, a place where you can get the best bagel, Panini, Sandwich or rum ice cream (yummy!). Then another friend of mine from traveler forum joined us … Ow.. meeting those cool friends made me feel sooo don’t want to leaveeee… But I had to…  : (

panini, gili deli
[ Gili Deli lunch, panini ]

Soon later, I found myself got in the boat to Bangsal pier. With the mixed up feeling, I looked at Gili Trawangan, trying to say goodbye and also wishing I could stay longer.

public boat gili t-bangsal
[ inside public boat gili t-bangsal ]

The air was really hot that day in Bangsal pier. I went to the shop in the pier to buy a drink. The price is not expensive as I read on the net. While getting rid of my thirsty, I was thinking on how I would go to Senggigi, either I used the same transport as I came a day before or taking a taxi or bike taxi…  I walk to main pier entrance and there was a guy approached me offering me a car transfer to Senggigi. I tried to bargain for Rp70,000 but he declined it and instead, he offered me the bike taxi. I read on the web that you can bargain till Rp30,000 to go to Senggigi. But I was not in the mood for it so I settled for Rp50,000 to Senggigi. Is it too expensive? I don’t think so. The distance is quite long. It is like 45min ride and one thing I am so grateful with this ride is the breathtaking views offered along the road.. OMG!! Lombok is beautiful!! I was like saying WOW on the entire ride to Senggigi. Amazing!! Unfortunately I didn’t take any picture. Next time, I’ll try ^^

I stayed in The Wira Guesthouse in Senggigi. My initial plan was to stay in their dormitory (Rp75,000) but then I decided to take their fan room without breakfast for only Rp150,000. The room is spacious with terrace and nice garden. The bathroom is unique with the shower floor covered with rocks. However later I found out that there were hundreds of ants on those rocks ><”  I asked guesthouse staff to cleaned it asap and I didn’t see any more ant after.

More about this guesthouse, please go to My Stay at The Wira Guesthouse (senggigi) in my other blog.

The Wira Guesthouse, Senggigi

[ The Wira Guesthouse ]

I didn’t explore Senggigi as I planned. I only spent my time on Senggigi beach. It has two coves, one bay with calm water is full with boats and locals playing in the water and the other one has some big waves for surfing. The water is clear. Some travelers said that the beach was dirty but I didn’t notice any garbage there, maybe in the water, which I didn’t pay attention too much that time. I just enjoyed the nice sunset view and bargaining some Tshirt for souvenir : )

These are pictures of  Senggigi beach near sunset time.
You can see children jumping from the small bridge or fisherman in the end of the beach

children jump from this bridge watching fisherman

P3310646 P3310641

There was still much time left after the sunset so I went to Orchid spa for a body massage. It is on the road from Senggigi beach to Senggigi main road and has the lowest price I can find (I did look at other places). I took the package for body massage with scrub and mask for Rp150,000/2 hours. Good bargain.

At nite, I spent my time in the guesthouse café, browsing, having dinner..  I was just too tired to explore other places. I only had 3hours sleep each nite on this trip. Tiring but it’s so worth it!!

dinner at wira cafe

[ Dinner at The Wira cafe ‘nasi campur’ ]


Day 4:  Senggigi – Lombok Airport

It’s my last day in Lombok. I don’t usually write it in my journal because it was just a short time trip. However, I want to share with other travelers about the journey from Senggigi to Lombok Airport at dawn. I took the first flight back to Jakarta. I went to airport by taxi bluebird group that I ordered in the afternoon. I asked them to pick me up at 3am and the taxi came on time. The driver is very friendly too. There is nothing bad with the taxi or driver as the usual Blue Bird group taxi service is. But what I want to share here is about the fact that going to Lombok Airport at dawn is quite scary. Why? Well, there is this fog, very thick fog that made us hard to see the road. We had that fog about 30min before we reached the airport. OMG!! I was so scared. I asked the driver to stop but honestly, there is like nothing around us so he just kept driving slowly. Thanks God we made it to airport safely. But we still had to wait for about 20min since the gate hadn’t been opened yet [:bummer:]  It’s just weird and funny having had to experience it in an international airport. I also saw the first flight check in counter opened less than an hour before departure. I guess they are really newly built, really need some improvements.

But despite all that happened, I am still willing to visit this beautiful Lombok island!! I can’t wait!!!

Truth to say, I fell in love with Lombok ^^/

Gili Trawangan is so laid back and the water ow.. it’s so clear and so calm  with that white sandy beach that I don’t hesitate to swim in it. While Senggigi is a nice place for transit. It was quieter than Gili Trawangan. 

I would definitely go back there!!



  • Tune Hotel Kuta, Bali : Rp130,000 for single bed, fan room, no bfast
  • Gili Hostel, Gili Trawangan, Lombok : about Rp150,000 for a bed in 7beds mixed dormitory with AC and bfast
  • The Wira Guesthouse, Senggigi, Lombok : Rp150,000 for a kingsize bed, fan room, no bfast

Transport Bali

  • Airport Tax : around Rp40,000 (forgot the exact amount)
  • Taxi BlueBird Tune Hotel Kuta to Airport : Rp25,000

Transport Lombok airport to Gili Trawangan

  • “Damri” Airport Bus to Selaparang Airport : Rp25,000
  • “Ojek” bike taxi Selaparang Airport to Pasar Rembiga market : Rp10,000
  • “Engkel” minivan Pasar Rembiga market to Bangsal pier intersection : Rp10,000
  • “Cidomo” horsecart at Bangsal pier entrance to main area : Rp10,000-15,000/person
  • Public Boat Bangsal pier to Gili Trawangan : Rp10,000

Transport Gili Trawangan to Senggigi

  • Public Boat Gili Trawangan to Bangsal pier : Rp10,000
  • “Ojek” bike taxi Bangsal pier to Senggigi ; Rp50,000

Transport Senggigi to Lombok airport

  • Airport Tax: Rp25,000
  • Taxi Bluebird Senggigi to Airport : around Rp140,000 (forgot the exact amount)

Meals Lunch – Dinner

  • Green Café, Gili Trawangan : Rp. 18,000 for mineral water + rice, some local veggie dishes
  • Gili Deli, Gili Trawangan : Rp80,000 for house special Panini, lemon tea, rum ice cream
  • Nite Market, Gili Trawangan Rp25,000 for a roasted chicken set with rice + orange juice and Rp12,000 for my fave cheese milk martabak ‘pancake’
  • The Wira café : Rp22,000 for Nasi Campur, rice with fried chicken, fish, crackers and some veggie dishes

Snack and Drink

  • Rp75,000 for local weekend entrance fee to Sky Garden club
  • Beer in Sama sama bar is about Rp30,000
  • Cider beer in Gili hostel is Rp35,000  beeris Rp25,000
  • 1lt mineral water is about Rp6,000 , 500ml is about Rp3,000


  • Rp380,000 for one morning dive with Trawangan Dive Center (local diver price)
  • Rp150,000 for 2 hours body massage, scrub, bodymask
  • Rp25,000 for a Tshirt sold in Senggigi beach


lombok trip map



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