Second Stop : Koh Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Part 3 of 6

It’s the Beautiful Phi Phi Island

phiphi - tonsay bay
[ view of tonsay bay from my dorm at the rock backpacker ]

Brief Schedule

January 2012

  • Day 2 (part 2) Phuket to Koh Phi Phi
  • Day 3 Koh Phi Phi
  • Day 4 (part 1) Leaving Koh Phi Phi for Koh Pha Ngan

> Staying at The Rock Backpacker


Day 2 (part 2) – Phuket to Koh Phi Phi

The drive to Ratsada pier took about 15-20min from Phuket Town. In the pier, they gave me a sticker and put it in my shirt. They told me not to loose it. I think I need a pin to hold that :p

[picture of phiphi cruise sticker and phiphi cruise boat]

The ferry I took is called Phi Phi Cruise. It’s quite big. I chose to sit inside by the window, thought it would be the place where people won’t bother u so I could sleep, but my oh my.. it was freezing there. Apparently the Air-Con is just above my seat. I didn’t feel wanna move from there so I just wore my jacket, put my hood, snuggle like a cat finding a good position to take some rest.

The boat left Ratsada pier around 8.30-9am and took about 1.30-2 hours to reach PhiPhi island. We were welcome by people collecting 20baht admission fee and who offering accommodation. I got a map and some reference from a friend I met in Phuket so I ignored the crowds and started strolling down to the left side of the pier.

There is this Chong Khao Bungalow, heard it is less than 800baht. I found this bamboo bungalow but I couldn’t find the receptionist. So I decided to go and check other recommendation on the other side of the island (right side from pier). It is about 10-15min walk. I found the gypsy village but it was 900baht. So I checked other places for comparison and I went to Valentine bungalow, Pongpang house, Harmony house, Sacha guesthouse etc but they were all full. Wow, it seem I was still in high season. Then I saw The Adventure Club shop, the agent I plan to take snorkeling trip with. So I just went there to book the trip for the next day while catching up my breath. It was a long walk carrying 35lt +10lt backpack. The person in that shop noticed it and was kind enough to let me leave my backpack there. He suggested me to try The Rock Backpacker too. I was a bit not interested staying in the dorm. I also heard that The Rock is always fully occupied, many people wanna stay there. But when I checked, they had available bed. Thinking that it might take an hour and long walk to find other place, I just took it. It costs only 300baht for a bed sharing with other 13 guests in the same room. There is a high stairs to climb to reach the dorm. The room doesn’t look clean and full of hand writing in the wall and ceiling with bunks close to each other.. Fuuhhh, that was pretty challenging experience for me. But despite of that fact, apparently they have a very clean bathroom, much much muuuccchhhhh better than the dorm ^^ lucky me!!

[ picture of my bed and dorm at the rock backpacker ]

[ picture of the rock’s bathroom and toilet ]

[ pictures of tonsay bay view from my dorm, left side – right side of the dorm ]

I put my backpack and started to find supply, drink, and meal. I ate at the local market in the center, in front of Phi Phi Insula guesthouse. The 50baht Pad Thai wasn’t bad. The 50baht Thai Tea wasn’t bad either. Those are not bad but honestly, with total of 100baht, I can get a better food in Jakarta. Gosh.. apparently it is more expensive in Thailand than Indonesia. My friend told me that Thailand was cheaper than Indonesia, but I forgot that they only visited the city/Bangkok. So I just knew that my meal budget were gonna get doubled.

[ picture of my lunch at local market ]

After lunch, I wanted to check out some places include the viewpoint but I was so sleepy. So I just went back to my dorm and took a nap. In the afternoon, I went to buy the joint ticket to Koh Phangan and went to the beach to take some shots. Quite many people took sun bathing there.

[ picture of loh dalam bay ]

Tired of walking, I chilled out in Cosmic Restaurant. I was confused between Cosmic Restaurant and Garlic Restaurant. I thought Cosmic was cheaper but later on, I found out I was wrong ><” But it’s a nice place to chill out during afternoon, drinking fruit shake and taking advantage of their fast wifi. The fruitshake there is 50baht, pizza is about 180baht I guess.

[ picture of cosmic restaurant ]

At night I tried motivating myself to talk with other dormmate and find a friend to hangout. So I met a friend from France and we had a dinner in Papaya Restaurant. This place is quite famous, I saw people queuing. We are lucky to come there earlier. I had the best chicken green curry there. It was extremely hot but delicious. The waiter there is so friendly, you can actually watch them cooking.. one thing to be noticed is that their cats live inside their drink refrigerator.. maybe the weather is too hot for them 🙂

[ picture of papaya restaurant ]

[ picture of menu at papaya restaurant ]

At nite, we hangout by the beach and met another friend from Ireland. What a nite!!

Day 3 – Koh Phi Phi

I started my day late <but it was an early start according to my friend>. I went out for brunch with her at Cosmic Restaurant again. This time I tried their pizza and it was not bad.

That day we planned to take snorkeling trip to Koh Phi Phi Ley. I had booked mine with Adventure Club for 800baht,while my friend got 250baht with free whiskey bucket ><“. I cannot think myself how they manage to sell it in such a low price, but then I realise. My trip is max. 6people on the long tail boat while my friend’s has 12-15 people on that small boat. Apparently we had to check carefully why the price can be so much different. Also for ticket etc. I found out later on that my friend got 650baht for joint ticket to Koh Phangan for 10:30 departure while mine was bought for 750baht for 9am departure <for ticket, I prefer cheaper and not morning departure>.

Back to my snorkeling trip, apparently I was the only female among 3 French guys in the trip .. < 3 good looking guys *.* >.. I dunno if I should be happy about it but one thing for sure, I was really shy (I am a shy girl :p). The trip with Adventure Club started late, but it was pretty enjoyable. Well, I have been to a better site in Bali with better visibility and plenty of marine life. That time, I tried to take some underwater pictures but most of them were blur. It is a new camera and I am still not good at using it.. We visited Phi Phi Ley bay and Maya bay where the Beach movie were filmed . Honestly when seeing this beach, I had no interest at all. I have seen better in Bali. Anyway, the highlight of this trip for me would be seeing the shark, snorkeling with turtle and at the end, I could snorkel without floating device.. though I still brought it along in my hand, just in case :p

[ picture of maya bay ]
I think this is the best photo I took in Maya Bay ><”

[ picture of coral using olympus tg-310 with dicapac waterproof case wp-710 ]
It is a waterproof camera up to 3m but I don’t trust the salt water :p

Later that day, I finally found the location of Garlic Restaurant.. Stupidly to know that it is just few steps from my hostel. The food (pineapple fried rice) is good and cheaper than Cosmic Restaurant ^^/ there is wifi too but I didn’t try it.

[ picture of pineapple fried rice at garlic restaurant ]

After having a good meal, I enjoyed the nite life there on the beach with some friends…

[ picture of fire show in stone bar ]
I think this bar performs the best fire show in the island

Day 4 (part 1) – Leaving Koh Phi Phi for Koh Pha Ngan

I didn’t sleep on my last nite in this island <my second sleepless nite>. I really had a great nite that I wanted to stay another day here. Unfortunately I had bought my ticket to Koh Phangan and a hotel voucher in Haad Rin.. the hotel that I would share with my best friend from Japan.. I do wish I could stay there longer ><” Next time, I will…

Well, next stop is Koh Phangan

(usd 1 = Rp.10,000 = 30baht = 3rm)

  • Joint Ticket (minivan+ferry) Phuket Town to Koh Phi Phi: 600baht by PhiPhi Cruise Boat (bought it at Phuket airport)
  • Admission Fee to Koh Phi Phi Don : 20baht
  • Hostel : The Rock Backpacker for 300baht/nite/bed in 14-beds mixed dorm
  • Koh Phi Phi Ley Snorkeling Trip with the Adventure Club : 800baht
  • Papaya Restaurant :
    > chicken green curry/120baht,
    > rice/20baht,
    > chang beer small/40baht
  • Garlic Restaurant : about 160 baht for pineapple fried rice and thai tea
  • Cosmic Restaurant
    > fruit shake: 50baht
    > pizza: around 180baht
  • Bucket promo at Irish Pub: 400baht for 2 buckets
  • Singha Beer at Stone Bar : 80 baht/small
    I think Singha beer taste better than Chang
  • Slinky Bar: 140baht for vodka cocktail
  • Cute sandals : 100baht
  • TShirt : around 180baht
  • Refrigerator Magnet : 60baht for 6 small photo magnets
  • Joint Ticket (ferry+bus) to Koh Phangan : 750baht (real price is 650-700baht)

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