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Happy New Year All!! Thanks for reading my blog.

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 14,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals

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In addition, let me put in more summary of my 2012 trip.

In 2012, I traveled within Indonesia (Tidung island in north of Jakarta, Karimunjawa island in north of Central Java and ofcourse Bali). I also traveled to overseas (Thailand and Malaysia for island hopping starting from Phuket til Penang).


I traveled solo to Thailand for 10 days visiting some of the islands in southern part of this country: Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui then taking a very long road trip to Penang, Malaysia to catch my flight back to home. It was scary thinking I would go to foreign country mostly on solo. But it turned out to be an exciting experience. I got to meet wonderful travelers on the road. What I like about this trip is  hanging out in the beach cafes in Ao Loh Dalam, Koh Phi Phi. What I don’t like is that I lost my money on my last day in Thailand when clubbing in Green Mango, Koh Samui. It’s my first time getting robbed when clubbing.

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APRIL 2012

I was back to my second home “Bali” to relieve my ‘homesick’ after 8 months away :D. I went there for 4 days, mostly to enjoy  Kuta and Legian and also to go diving in Tulamben. What I like in this trip is that I met new friends who showed me the places I’d never been before. Ow.. and I got to dive with my friend too. What I don’t like is nothing, I guess. Well, I might be upset knowing that my friend lost her camera at La Vida Loca club in Double Six Legian. First I experienced it in Thailand then saw it it Bali. Fuh..  the clubs are not safe anymore…

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JULY 2012

Again going to Bali with some friends. This time is to explore Seminyak area. What I like in this trip is quite plenty… hangout in La Planca Double Six watching sunset, eating pork meal at Babi Guling Pak Malen in Sunset Road, silent party in Woobar Seminyak, sleeping on an extremely comfy bed at Fave Hotel Seminyak. What I don’t like is … nothing ^^. What I don’t like is … nothing ^^

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I got to visit Tidung island on the weekend. It’s in the north of Jakarta. Heard it was beautiful and it’s true. Clear water, nice white sandy beach esp in Tidung Kecil island and Payund island is not a bad snorkeling site itself. What I like in this trip is watching sunset from Tidung Kecil island. What I don’t like is the ferry ride to this island. I think that ferry is supposedly not for people. 3 hours ride, sitting on the wooden floor and the ceiling is few inch above your head. It’d be better to take fast boat to reach this island.

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It’s time to explore Karimunjawa island, the so-called Paradise in northern part of Central Java. Is it as beautiful as travelers say? Well, the water is clear but snorkeling site and the beach are not as I expected. Many dead corals, although if you snorkel away from the crowds, you’ll see colorful fish. What I like in this trip is snorkeling in Menjangan Kecil island. It actually has various and colorful marine life if you go away from the crowds. What I don’t like is that the tour operator should prepare the fin according to their tour participants.  Unfortunately, we got a guide who didn’t give us any guidance and attention at all. Probably it would be better to not travel there in high season.

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Back to Bali again for my birthday. It supposed to be a 2 nites stay but since my flight suddenly cancelled their schedule to Jakarta, I stayed there for 3 nites. Funny thing is that I stayed in 3 different hotels, feels like hotels hopping. Apparently my second hotel was full when I wanted to extend. Though it was a good thing cause that hotel treated me unpleasantly, asking me if I was their guest 4 times (#_#). Too bad for such a nice resort to do it, plus it was on my birthday and it was the hotel I always wanted to stay since I saw it in 2010. Staying in this second hotel would be what I don’t like in this trip. What I like in this trip is when I sat on the beach with friend at dawn on my birth day, seeing the waves, watching the stars till we saw the thunder clouds LoL.

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Hotel – like:  Fave Hotel Seminyak (so comfy!) – dislike: Kuta Lagoon Resort Legian (where I always wanted to stay but they disrespected me as their guest. :bummer: )

for more accommodation review, like & dislike in 2012, go to My Stay in Budget Hotel blog “2012 in Review ‘like & dislike’”

Place to Eat – like: Babi Guling Pak Malen Sunset Road (best pork meal ever!) – dislike: 80% of Thai food I ate during islands hopping around Thailand. (guess Thai food is not for my tongue)

Place to hangout – like: WooBar in W Hotel Seminyak (awesome silent party!) – dislike: Alun-alun in Karimunjawa island Central Java (the fact that it’s a football field with few vendors selling mostly the same stuffs-bakso/meatballs instead of traditional foods)

Beach – like: Thong Nai Pan beach in East Koh Phangan (it’s like a very big swimming pool with calm clear water and long stretch white sand) – dislike: Tanjung Gelam beach in Karimunjawa island Central Java (they should not hook those boats in that nice white sandy beach)

Snorkeling site – like: Menjangan Kecil site in Karimunjawa island Central Java (saw various and colorful fish when snorkeling away from the crowds) – dislike: snorkeling around Koh Phi Phi island (poor visibility, hardly seen nice fish and corals but I saw a shark)


– Finishing all 2012 journals that are still under drafting..  

– Exploring Lombok island and Gilis

– More diving trips

At last, I would like to wish you all the happiness, health and prosperity throughout 2013.

Happy Traveling!


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