My Stay in 2013 – like & dislike –

Happy New Year All.

Time passes so fast. It’s 2014 now and hm.. I still have some reviews from 2013 that I haven’t put in here. Anyway, lets see what’s been going on in 2013 .


I didn’t travel much this year comparing to 2012 and all my travel I did was within Indonesia. But I’m grateful that I can still go outside my city. Everything becomes expensive here since the gasoline price risen up. Well, here goes the accommodation I like& dislike in 2013:

Dorms– Share rooms

I only stayed in one dorm last year : Gili Hostel in Gili Trawangan, Lombok. Will I choose it as the best dorm in 2013? Well, I won’t if it’s based on my stay that period. They have cleanliness issue but the owner told me that they’d take care that. So maybe it’s been handled by now.


As I did in my 2012 in review ‘like & dislike’  post, I categorize the hotels according to the room rate I got.

for below USD 50/nite with/without, I stayed in 4 hotels in 2013. Two are in Bali, Tune Hotel Kuta and Tune Hotel Legian. The others are in Lombok, The Wira Guesthouse and Sendok Hotel, both in Senggigi area. It’s actually difficult to choose my fave between Tune Hotel Legian and Sendok Hotel Senggigi. Both are clean, good location and I would stay there again. But if I have to choose one, my choice for best hotel in this category is Tune Hotel Legian . My reason is more to the surrounding crowds. Many people in the area so if I am on solo travel, I would stay here more than a nite. Senggigi is just too quiet to be alone. Choosing my least fave hotel is also difficult because these hotels’ service and facility are above my expectation. But again, if I have to choose, the least fave one would be The Wira Guesthouse because of the ants attack in the bathroom. It doesn’t last long but my review would be 5 stars if that didn’t happen.

for above USD 50/nite with/without breakfast, I stayed in  4 hotels in 2013. They are Blue Beach Cottage I in Gili Trawangan/Lombok, Baleka Hotel in Legian/Bali, and the others are in Bandung, West Java: Gumilang Regency Hotel in Lembang area, Vio Hotel in Pasteur area. And my fave is Baleka Hotel because of its friendly staffs and cleanliness. It’s my second stay there and it’s better than the first one. While my least fave would be Vio Hotel Pasteur because I found out that they served moldy bread on their breakfast. OMG, who does that to their guest ><”


For review on my trip in 2013, like & dislike, you can go to my Travelling Angel blog “My Blog in 2013 Review ‘like & dislike’“


Here’s an excerpt:

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Try spending my money wisely for traveling ^^

Cheers to 2014 ^^/


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