Homestay in Karimunjawa island

This homestay is part of a tour to Karimunjawa organized by Putra Karimunjawa Tour.

address :
> somewhere in the middle of island. it’s difficult to describe it in detail. I just remember it’s about 15min drive from main pier and 15min walk to the small pier.

contact :
> phone: +6287765267037 (owner’s mobile)
> website :

period of stay :  October 2012

room rate :  it’s included in the tour package from Putra Karimunjawa Tour

related to my trip journal Time to explore Karimunjawa islands !!

my rating : none

There are 4 rooms in the house. We are like staying in local people house so there are living room, tv, complete kitchen set, etc. The room I got is so damped, no ventilation, just using a fan. There are 4 people in a room with 2 big beds so we have to share it. I was sweating everytime I woke up, like just been to a sauna. So I cannot give my vouch for this homestay. I prefer staying in a room with ventilation or AC next time.

Good things, there are 2 bathrooms outside with fresh water instead of sea water. The weather is nice and the owner is friendly too.

photo :


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