Foods in Bali

last update : Nov 2012
but some info might have been older cause I updated it based on the place I last visited.

Below list are base on the area:


Warung Indonesia, located in gang Ronta, Poppies lane 2.
Warung Indonesia food
They serve Indonesian food. You can order what you want to eat from the display food or menu.
The place is clean, friendly staffs..
Juice is only Rp. 4000 and price range for food is Rp. 6000 – 15,000

Warung Nulan, located in aisle which connects Jalan Benesari and Poppies Lane 2
They serve same as Warung Indonesia but the price is slightly expensive, maybe difference about Rp. 2000-5000

Warung 96, located in aisle which connects Jalan Benesari and Poppies Lane 2. It’s easier to find this place from Poppies Lane 2. They serve Indonesia and Italian Food/Western food. The pizza taste great there..
The price is so so..  I ordered 1 Pizza/6 slices, 1 salad, 1 small beer & 1 banana juice for about Rp. 75,000 for 2 (about Rp. 35,000/person)

Mojo’s Burrito, located in aisle which located in aisle which connects Jalan Benesari and Poppies Lane 2.
They serves Mexican food ofcourse, from burrito to tacos, nachos.. mojitos and that ‘green drink’ ..
It tastes great, pleace is small but comfortable.
I got 1 Burrito with a ‘green drink’.. sry, forgot the names..  for about Rp. 45,000.

Warung Made’s, located in jalan Raya Pantai Kuta.
This place is kinda famous so you need to come before 6.30pm or after 8pm to get a seat. The price is also kinda expensive for backpackers. The service is good especially to foreigner. I was very hungry when I ate there, I ordered plenty: half Nasi Campur + half Gado-gado, 1 beer, 1 Arak bali, 1 frenchfries for more than Rp.100,000

Mozzarella Restaurant, the one that located in Jalan Padma.
What I love about this restaurant is their comfy sofa to relax, their afternoon cocktail promo buy 1 get 1, their Carbonara Pasta. I always order this menu (cost me about Rp130k last year), and their lovely staffs who always smile ^^


Babi Guling Pak Malen, located in Sunset Road across Sunset Mall, right in the red light corner to Jalan Kerobokan/Seminyak.

pak malen complete set
pak malen delivery
I love everything on their meal set. The spiciness is acceptable for me who doesn’t really like spicy food. The crispy skin is one of the kind.  I always make sure to eat there whenever I visit Bali. Or I order for take away to be brought to Jakarta.They wrap it really nice. Highly recommended!!

Warung Bunana in Jl. Kerobokan , across Bank BNI Kerobokan
warung bunana roti canai
If you like affordable curry food (Malaysian Food), Roti Canai and Teh Tarik (like me), this is the best option for you. It is a small warung with limited service (you have to wait long for your food). Their chicken curry was Rp10,000 and canai and teh tarik were around Rp5,000 (sorry, I forgot).

<  UBUD >

Warung Ibu Oka, located in Ubud near Pura Dalem

This place is very famous for its babi Guling (roasted guinea pig). If you’d like to have lunch there, better come before 12:00 or you wont be able to taste it.
The price is about Rp. 35,000 for combination package.


Restaurant at Lotus Bungalows, located at Lotus Bungalows in the entrance gate to Center of Candidasa.

It’s not really an affordable place for eating cause the price is kinda expensive. Food is Italian but the best meal I had there is the Balinese Food called ‘Nasi Campur’. I had Nasi Campur and Juice for around Rp. 60,000 (after discount for hotel guest)

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