Weekend Getaway in Bali

When you got bored or even stress-up with big city, need some getaway, I think Bali would be a nice destination for a weekend getaway :p . This time I tried to do that, backpacker style although later then, too much money spent for party (><”



August 2010

arrival in Bali – stayed at Beneyasa I, Poppies Lane 2 – went to Green Box for some cheap Vodka Shots – checked out legian club: Sky Garden

relax in Legian beach – played body board – went to Green Box for some cheap Vodka Shots – checked out the club at double six: Cocoon Beach Club, Bacio Club and Déjà vu – got bored – back to jl.legian clubs: Bounty Club, Sky Garden

relax in Kuta Beach till departure time


Trip Journal


Arriving Denpasar Airport, I  took a little walk till airport exit gate to get Bali Taxi (Blue Bird group). It costs only Rp.25k to Poppies Lane 2 instead of airport taxi which can cost you Rp.40-50k. Then I checked-in at Beneyasa I, Jl Benesary, Poppies Lane 2. I got a room for 2 for Rp.140k with a fan, shower, bfast and there’s a nice pool there.At nite, I had dinner at my fave place, Warung Indonesia at Gang Ronta, Poppies Lane 2. I ate rice with sweetsour fish and veggies and orange juice for 12k. After that, relax in the hostel pool and dress up for party!! My friend showed me this small stall which sells cheap alcohol drinks. I had some vodka shots there for only 12k (it’s more than 50k in club). Finished with my shots, we hit the Sky Garden till dawn :p



Got up so late that missed the bfast. At noon, after having lunch at Warung Indonesia, we rent a motor cycle for 50k/day and went to Legian Beach. It’s my second time driving automatic motorcycle with no license and first time with hangover head and I don’t think I ever wanna try that again..Anyway, we relax at legian beach, got beach bench rent for Rp.30k (no time limitation) and also body board rent for 15k (no time limitation). I felt so relax, lie on the body board, got carried by the wave, the cool air breeze .. feeling like don’t wanna get out of the water ^.^ . then after playing body board and took a quick nap at the bench and got some tattoos, we went back to hotel. I went for a 90min cheap and very good massage at my fave spa place.. sorry, I forgot the name but I know its location. It’s across Bali Sorgawi Hotel in Jl. Legian. It costs Rp. 90k which worth the same service and good massage as in Jakarta that costs you Rp. 400k.As for dinner, I just had a slice of pizza and some curry stuffed bread (??). Bought it in the Italian resto-look-a-like stall near Bomb Monument, the taste.. pizza good.. the other one is too salty.
After that, dress-up, made a quick stop at Green Box and then started to hit the clubs at Legian Street and Double Six Street. Really tiring but fun.
Déjà vu has a nice vibrant and musics but no much guest at about 11pm that time, also Bacio Club. Coccoon beach club seemed very crowded, everyone there dressup very well, very exclusive. Taxi driver told me that best time to visit clubs at Double Six is after 2pm… Next time, I’ll try it.
Bounty is as usual, full of young crazy people, somehow I feel boring there.. and Sky Garden, I think it becomes my fave place now, replacing Bounty.. I didn’t meet stalker again this time :p  and hopefully till forever.. the music there is so enjoyable.. love it!

for more picture about the clubs, just check out my post about Cafe and Club in Bali



Again missed my bfast. It’s my second time staying in Beneyasa hotel and I always wonder, WHY I never had chance to taste the bfast when staying there. Then after woke up, again with hangover head, I tried my best to return the rental bike to poppies lane 1. Why I rent a bike not in poppies 2? Well, it would be my (my friend) miscalculation, we thought we could find a bike which is cheaper than hotel’s rental fee. but we were unlucky, after walking so long down until poppies lane 1, we couldnt find any and instead we rented a bike with same price as hotel 50k/day.
Anyway, after successfully returning that bike, we went to Kuta Beach, had bfast of instant fried noodle (indomie) for Rp.7k, relax until check-out time. Then back to hotel, check-out, then had lunch at Pizza Hut Kuta and back to kuta beach again . The rest of the day, we just relaxed on the beach untill departure time, watching the surfer trying to chase the wave and getting some tanned while having a lady polished my nails.

It was a nice weekend getaway ..




–       Rp.730k for Ticket JKT-DPS-JKT by Sriwijaya Air (no offense, but I prefer not flying with this airline next time, unless no other choice left)

–       Rp.140k/nite for fan room incl bfast (twin sharing) in Beneyasa I

–       Rp.50k/day for rental bike

–       Rp.12-20k/meal at Warung Indonesia

–       Rp.25-30k/way for taxi airport-poppies lane 2 viceversa

–       Rp.90k for 90min aroma therapy massage

–       Rp.50 for 2 tattoos

–       Rp.15/day for water

–       Rp.15 for body board rent

–       Rp.30k for beach bench rent at legian beach

–       Rp.30k for nail polish (foot)

–       Rp.12k/vodka shot at Green Box

–       Rp. 50k for entrance to Sky Garden and Bounty on weekend

* * * * * * * * * *

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