Ku De Ta Club at Seminyak

ku-de-tasunset @ seminyak kudeta cafe

One place I really like on my voyage to Bali few months ago,
It was KU DE TA..

I don’t know if it can be called a café or a club,
maybe depends on when you visit it.
During daylight, it looks like a restaurant or café,
during night time, it looks like a club..
The music is Jazz Techno..
The food, i think it’s Italian cuisine ..
I tried a pizza.. cheese pizza something, and it tasted great.

I went there to see the sunset and many tourists was there too by that time..
They must have the same purpose with mine, being there to enjoy the sunset
It was really a lovely afternoon for me.. being able to see the sunset from a very good place..
so beautiful..

Well, if you are interested to see the sunset, don’t forget to be there from 3 pm..

Unless, you won’t get a good seat 😉

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