Exploring the Beach around Yogyakarta

I’ve been to Yogyakarta, also known by the locals as “Jogja”, for quite a few times. So when my friend asked me to travel there early this year, I was a bit hesitate. But then they told me they wanted to visit my fave destination aka the beach, I instantly changed my mind ^^ To be frank, I don’t know about any beach in Jogja, but apparently there are some nice beaches in the southern part. These are the places I haven’t explored. So few months later, I found myself back to the center of Javanese culture, Jogja, with my friends whom also my coworkers and this is some highlights of our journey.

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May 2014

Day 1  Jakarta – Yogyakarta by train

Day 2  Strolling down the city

  • Looking for hotel in “Sosrowijayan street”, near Tugu station
  • Check in at “Virgo 2” Inn in Wetan II alley
  • Visiting “King’s Palace”, “Alun Alun Utara” [North Main Square]
  • Moved to our hostel, “Edu Hostel”
  • Late lunch at Wijilan Street to have my fave local food, “Gudeg”
  • Souvenir hunting at Malioboro street
  • Dinner at “Solaria” resto in Malioboro Mall

Day 3  Exploring the southern beach/Gunung Kidul district

  • Breakfast at hostel
  • Visiting Baron beach, Indrayanti beach,
  • Lunch: indomie instant noodle at this small shop on the beach (Indriyanti Beach)
  • Visiting Drini beach, Krakal beach
  • Dinner at “SS” resto, stands for Serba Sambal [everything’s chili] in the city
  • Batik shopping at stores near King’s Palace and Malioboro Street


Day 4  Exploring the northern part

  • Breakfast at hostel
  • Buying Jogja snack, “Bakpia Patok 25”, directly in its factory near the hostel
  • Visiting “Borobudur Temple”
  • Lunch at “Raminten Restaurant” in Kaliurang area
  • Visiting Alun Alun Selatan [South Main Square] to try our luck crossing the twin banyan and this cute car I called “fast and furious ala Jogja”
  • Souvenir hunting at Jogja famous tshir, “Dagadu” store, in Alun Alun utara
  • Hangout at the hostel rooftop
  • Dinner at Kopitiam in Sosrowijayan street

Day 5  Yogyakarta – Jakarta by train

  • Headed to Tugu train station after breakfast
  • Good bye Jogja

**expense report is below**


“Tugu Train Station”

Tugu train station in Jogja looks very different than my last visit there, 7 years ago. Cleaner, more organized.

“Sosrowijayan Street”

When exiting the station, as usual we were greeted with people offering their service for transport or looking a place to stay for us. Just ignored them. It was about 3.30am. We actually had made our reservation at a hostel that day, but check in time is 3pm. So in that early hour, we decided to find cheap hotel nearby and off we go, walking to Sosrowijayan street.

According to other travelers’ blog, Sosrowijayan street is the place for backpacker. There are areas with very affordable hotel/motel/guesthouse here. It took us about 10min walk to reach this street and again, we were greeted with strangers offering us to help finding a place to stay. We tried to ignore them but we couldn’t. We were tired anyway so we decided to accept the help and informed the guy to bring us to 1001 hotel (more like a motel) or if it’s full, any hotel that could meet our budget. Then he led us to this small alley, Gang Wetan II, where this 1001 hotel located. Apparently this hotel was full. So the guy showed us another guesthouse nearby, Virgo 2 Inn. It’s clean, new building, and there’s undergoing construction. The price is Rp150k, not bad for that kind of room, so we took it.

<< sosrowijayan street at daytime >>

<< gang wetan II >>

“Keraton Yogyakarta [The Kings Palace]”

OK, I have to tell you that I skipped visiting this place. My reason, I have visited it for quite enough time that I don’t feel like wanna visit it. Instead, I spent the time to get some rest from the long train ride. But I can show you some pictures my friends took here.

<< ornaments of soldiers >>

“Baron beach”

It was like 2 hours ride from our hostel. The view is great here. There are like two coves. One is where the ocean enters and forms this small bay and then goes to the left (my ride side when facing the ocean), forming another smaller bay with beautiful green trees surrounding it. It looks more like a lake than a beach. Baron beach itself is full with fishing boats and small-crabs farmers. There are some souvenir shops and places to eat. There is also a sign to prohibit swimming in the area. Too bad. Well, all the south beaches are not recommended for swimming. If you know about the Legend of Ratu Pantai Selatan (the Queen of South Zbeach Ocean), then you will understand why. Overall, the view in Baron beach is awesome!

<<baron beach>>

“Indriyanti beach”

It was about 30min ride from Baron beach. Indriyanti beach is a long stretch white sandy beach. It’s actually in the same strips with Drini beach and Krakal beach, each separated in a bay-form and Indriyanti beach has the longest bay. You can find many beachfront cafes here. The cafes on the beach are the most expensive but the small shops like the place I ate fried instant noodles is quite cheap. We took some great picture there.

<<indriyanti beach>>

“Drini beach”

This bay was like 20m long. Small on but not bad for taking pictures ^^.

<<drini beach>>

“Krakal beach” and “Bukit Idaman [dream heights]”

Krakal beach has a long white sandy beach as well, just like Indriyanti beach. The beach itself has less water that time, probably the sea was on low tide. The interesting part on this beach is the a hill at the end of it, called Bukit Idaman [dream heights]. You can see the beautiful view of Krakal beach till Indriyanti beach from uphill. Awesome!!

<<krakal beach>>

<<krakal beach, view from Bukit Idaman>>

“Borobudur temple” and “Borobudur Museum”

Borobudur temple is about 2 hours ride from the hostel. It was crowded there due to long weekend and a day before was Vesak day, where its ceremony is held in this temple to celebrate Buddha big day. Funny thing when I am about to enter the gate, the officer stop me when I was about to put my ticket. She taught I were a foreigner. My friend were to far in front of me that I couldn’t call them. Thanks God I could make her believe that I am 100% Indonesian ><” back to the temple, again, I skipped exploring it. Too hot, to high, too crowded. Instead, I visited the museum. I’d never been here and I found this museum to be interesting for a perso who doesn’t like museum like myself 😀 There are displays of pictures during the renovation and restoration of the temple, the artificial statue and temple itself where we can see how to built the temple etc. Thse displays and the explanation of the guide man drew my intention to know more about the temple. Unfortunately, I had limited time and there are still 2 rooms to ‘examine’. Maybe next time.

<<Borobudur temple>>

<<temple restoration>>

<<how to lock the stones>>

“Alun-alun Utara [North Main Square]”

This place is used as bus parking lot till afternoon. Then you can find it like nite market from late afternoon. I like the fried snack sold by street vendors here, it’s called “kue ketawa” [smily cake], tastes sweet like fried bread.

<<kue ketawa>>

“Alun-alun Selatan [South Main Square]”

This place is wellkown for the Pohon Beringin Kembar [twin banyan trees], in which there is a belief that if you manage to cross between these trees, your wish will come true. I managed to cross it on my forth attempt. I dunno would that mean my wish will come true?? 😀

Another attraction is this cute car I called “fast and furious ala Jogja”. It’s actually like a carnaval car, where you paddle it or like a bike decorated in car shape plus lights.

<< Pohon Beringin Kembar [twin banyan trees]>>

<<fast & furious car ala Jogja>>

“Malioboro street”

This street is well-known for shopping and food center expecially at nite. Don’t forget to bargain hard when shopping at the street vendors! Don’t forget to ask the price before eating at any restaurant especially the street hawkers!!

<<malioboro street>>

“Dagadu Tshirt Store” in Alun-alun Utara

Dagadu is the most well-kown Tshirt brand in Jogja. Locals usually bought it as souvenir. The unique of this Tshirt is the funny writing or picture on the Tshirt. Plus the colors is varied and suitable for teenagers to adults.

<<dagadu tshirt>>

“Mirota Batik Store” in Malioboro street

This place is like the souvenir shops. It has 2 floors. You can find Batik, key chain, bags etc here with fixed price (cannot bargain). On holidays/weekends, this store is packed with customers.

“Wijilan street”

This street is well-known as the center of Jogja food, “Gudeg”. The most visited restaurant would be “Gudeg Bu Yu Djum” It tastes not bad. They serve dry version of Gudeg while I use to eat a more juicy one.

<<gudeg yu djum>>

“House of Raminten Restaurant”

There are about 2 locations of this restaurant and the one we visited is Kaliurang branch. This restaurant is well-known for the affordable local food. The Kaliurang place also offers great view in the back. Although the serving might took long time and need some patients with their waitresses, the food tastes great and value! Each of us ordered appetizer, a set menu, drink, a dessert, and in total, it was only Rp150k. Wow!! It’s highly recommended!!

<<house of raminten and its decor>>

“SS Restaurant”

The driver showed us this place. I’ve been to its branch in Jakarta but I just learned that it originally comes from Jogja hahaha… Well, this restaurant is famous with their sambals (chili). They have like more than 50 chilli or I called it like more than 50 ways of serving the chilli. The price is also very affordable. We ordered like 20 plates at it costs only Rp150k

<<SS restaurant>>

“Kopitiam Restaurant” in Sosrowijayan street

We chose this restaurant for our hangout place on the last nite in Jogja. It was Saturday nite and the live band is not bad. The place is lovely and the staffs are kind. Unfortunately the food is not that good. Hope they can fix that soon.

<<kopitiam restaurant>>

“Solaria Restaurant” in Malioboro Mall

There are many Solaria in Indonesia, including Jakarta. This one is located on the basement of Malioboro Mall. We ate there because we didn’t know where to go on our first nite in the city. Plus it lies in front of Foodhall supermarket where we bought our drinks and snack supplies.

“Bakpia Patok 25” Factory

Bakpia is the famous Jogja snack. I love it a lot!! It’s like small bread stuffed with sweet green bean/chocolate/cheese paste. If you would like to buy a fresh Bakpia, you should buy directly from the factory. They also sell other snacks like crackers etc.

<<bakpia patok>>



[US$ 1 = Rp10k-12k]


“Virgo 2 Inn”

Room rate = Rp150k/nite for a fan room with double bed and no breakfast

It’s located in Gang Wetan II, Sosrowijayan street or about 15min walk from Tugu station. When exiting this station, just walk straight to Malioboro street. Sosrowijayan street will the second street on on your right with Circle K in the corner. Gang Wetan II is also on your right, it’s like 5-10m walk along Sosrowijayan. Then Virgo 2 Inn will be n the left before 1000 Malam hostel.

This Inn is quite nice and clean. It was almost 4am. Once I am settled my things, I cleaned up then go straight to bed. Overall, it was a nice place to stay (★★★). I would give 4-5 stars if they have pool and breakfast J

<<virgo inn 2>>

“EDU Hostel”

Room rate = Rp80k/bed in 6beds female dorm with 2 showers and 1 toilet inside, Air Conditioned, including breakfast.

It’s located within 2km from Sosrowijayan street. Lets say Virgo 2 inn is in the northern part of Malioboro street, while EDU hostel is in southern part of Malioboro street.

The hostel itself looks clean, awesome rooftop, the staffs are kindly, and breakfast is good. Unfortunately, they use it as the student place to stay during their school trip. So it’s extremely crowded and you can hear them shouting at nite. Even the teacher banged at our door, waking us up, thinking that our dorm is also their students’. Then we found some small cockroaches in the room, bathroom, and inside our lockers. Plus their security guard is so rude when we asked his help to find us a taxi. Geez… Overall, I would think twice to return to this place ().

<<edu hostel>>

For further story, please go to my review in my this blog: mystayinbudgethotel.wordpress.com.



“to Jogja”

We took Senja Utama Yogya,a business train, costs about Rp167k.

It was Wednesday afternoon, nice weather. The train departed from Pasar Senen station Jakarta as scheduled, heading to Tugu station Jogja. All seats were occupied. I guess people used that time to go to their hometown or like us, for a break of our routines, especially work. I have to admit that working in Jakarta is a bit stressful hahaha. The train ride took about 10 hour, supposedly 9 hours if no delay. It is a long journey. The train is air conditioned. The seat was like sitting on a bench with a bit soft seat. Not really comfy for a long ride and a bit difficult to sleep. But hey, it’s a good bargain! We traveled on long-weekend holiday and that time, the flight ticket was like 3x of this fare. Plus I had my friends who made it an enjoyable ride. But again, please note that the seat is not comfy for sleeping so I won’t recommend it for traveler who wants to have a good night rest there.

<<inside senja utama train>>


“from Jogja”

We took Taksaka Pagi, an executive train which costs about Rp320k.

We departed Tugu station as scheduled and arrived in Jakarta at Gambir station. I’ve tried other executive train eg. Agro Bromo, Parahyangan, Sembrani and I found that this train to be the cleanest among them. Toilet is not bad. The décor is in white and red color. It looks bright. Love it!

<<inside taksaka pagi train>>

**don’t forget to buy your ticket in advance, especially on long weekend/holidays. We bought our tickets through ticket.com soon as online purchase started. You can buy directly Indonesia Train official website as well : www.keretaapi.co.id   (online purchase opens 90days prior departure)

“around Jogja”

  • Car rental = Rp250k for 10hours, only for the car.
    We spent like Rp1million in total for 2days rental fee, gas, driver tips, parking fee, etc. It’s quite expensive renting a car here. In Bali, I can get Rp400k for 12 hours INclude gas and driver.
  • Becak = Rp15k from hostel to Alun-Alun Utara/Malioboro street/Sosrowijayan street
    It’s the most common way to reach a place which too far to reach by walk and too short to reach by taxi. Make sure you check on the route before taking Becak. They might intentionally drop you in the wrong spot 😀
  • Delman [horse card] = Rp50k from Malioboro street to our hostel which is less than 2km. Expensive but it was enjoyable ^^
  • Taxi
    I found out that they don’t only have the regular size taxi (sedan type) but also larger size one (Toyota avanza). Both cost the same. They charged us Rp50k from Sosrowijaya street to hostel and from hostel to train station, which is only 2km away. I think you can get like 20-30k if you travel alone or with a friend.
  • parking fee = around Rp2k-10k. Tourism object like Borobudur temple might charge you higher.



Meals (lunch, dinner, snacks)

  • Kue Ketawa snack in main square = Rp2k each
  • Mineral water = around Rp5-7k/1 liter bottle. I would recommend buying your drink supply in supermarket in Malioboro Mall.
  • Solaria restaurant = around Rp150k /5 persons
  • Raminten restaurant = Rp154k /5 persons. We ordered a lot, trust me!
  • SS restaurant = around Rp150k /5 persons. We ordered a lot, trust me!
  • Koitiam restaurant = around Rp170k /5 persons
  • Indriyanti beach: indomie instant noodle = 10k, fresh coconut = Rp10k
  • Bakpia pathok snack = around Rp30k /box for cheese and green bean flavor at the factory
  • Kurnia pathok snack = Rp40k /box, cheese flavor at train station shop


  • Dagadu tshirt = Rp75k
  • Batik at shop in Malioboro street = ranging from Rp30k-100k
  • Entrance to Baron beach = Rp10k/person
  • Entrance to Borobudur temple = Rp30k/person / locals
  • Entrance to Bukit Idaman = Rp2k
  • King’s Palace: Entrance = Rp5k/person, camera fee = 5k/camera
  • Casual Batik Bag = Rp25k
  • Sandals = Rp20k, you can get Rp15k if you bargain hard.



MAPS Jogja Trip May 2014



Photos are also courtesy of : Syl, Aiank, Tw, Su.

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