My Stay at Treehouse Suites, Jakarta

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I Stayed in this place, one of Jakarta hotel, on one of  February 2018 and March 2018.

Address :
> Jl Karbela Timur No. 1, Jakarta selatan (please see the map below)
> Direction: take the street behind Setiabudi One building.

Contact :
> phone: +622152903232
> website :

room rate :  we booked through Traveloka,, and email directly.

my rating :
– ♥ on third stay
– ♥ ♥ ♥  on first and second stay

This is our third stay here in the past 2 months. We did love the place, the charm, the clean & new room, nice people… Although yeah.. there are some issues with AC blowing to the bed and got to your face when sleeping, noise from futsal court or karaoke next door and from construction during the day, then location not near big mall, and they don’t provide breakfast.. but still we loved it and thinking to be regular guests here until the rude unprofessional front desk treated us when check in on 20 March 2018. I personally feel cheated, harassed, and scared.

Felt cheated because we specifically booked a one bedroom suite (2A) a week before, for 2 nites. This room we like a lot since our 2nd stay, hence we contacted the hotel directly to ask for this room and it was confirmed.

BUT when we checked in at 10pm, they told us the room is still used by other guest who extended their stay… So we were given Premier Suite (lower type) with 75k discount to 900k. We just paid because we were tired. But then, we got a room that their website shown as Executive Suite (lower than Premier). The layout looks exactly the same as in their website. The price is 900k, same as we paid for Premier Suite.

We complained and got so many excuses that their website not yet updated and blaming us that the complaint didn’t make sense to him. They showed us email from their management about room name changing, and stupidly he said “we cannot say to their guest who extending the booking in 2A that the room has been booked.” Hello. We are also your guest!! But you can say to us we cannot get our room when check-in. And how do we know your management has changed the name of room type shown in their own website?? We learnt that they have known about this double booking a day before and none told us until we arrived. We could have booked other hotel with 900k, a nice one, maybe smaller, but with breakfast.

Then I felt harassed because he, the front desk, ignored everything I said. No eye contact with me at all when responding to my questions in English or Indonesian. He only talked and response while maintaining eye contact with only my boyfriend. What kind of attitude is that? I was like being in certain parts of Bali again where foreigners are treated way better than local guests. Mixed couple has it too sometimes that my boyfriend keeps addressing me as his wife… but this is Jakarta.

Never thought I would feel harassed like that here, in my own city… in a hotel that has review score more than 8.5/10 or 9/10.  So yeah, I confronted him only to get more harassed. My boyfriend had to ask him to apologize to me, but he didn’t feel he did anything wrong. Omg. Speaking good English is not the only thing you need to be a front desk. He is clearly not suitable for a front desk, not with that attitude and temperament to pick up a fight with guest.  So we just left and thinking to check out.

Feeling scared was because on our way back to the room, just after access door, I said to my boyfriend that he is an as*****. He heard it and approached us in the corridor, asking me and said, ‘did you say I am an a*****? Now you make this personal problem with me”, he said it like a preman (street punk). Geez… how come a front desk chased us to the corridor like that?? Another street punk act to pick up a fight. I was scared but then we angrily asked to talk to hotel manager immediately. Clearly this front desk guy had no clue whatsoever to be a front desk or a frontier in service industries.

IMO, a front desk shall not pick up a fight with guests. A front desk does not blame their guest on their own fault. A front desk does apologize without waiting for the guest to ask him to do so, even it is not their fault. That is what I know or my boyfriend knows as a GM of a resort in Bali.

We ended up talking on the phone with Mr. Cepi, their hotel manager. He apologized straight away. This is the kind of attitude a hotel front-liner should do. He asked what they can do to make us feel better. I asked him to meet us after I go back from work. The next day, he made the time together with the other nice front desk man. Not much they can do.  Mistake has been done. An apology from front desk after calling their manager was too late. Not genuine. We wanted to check out but it was late (11pm) and we only stay for 2 nites. So… We just told them how we feel and hope they can fix it. Because honestly, it is a lost for having that kind of front-liner. They do have a really nice service apartment.

Photo (from their website):

Hope this info will give you an idea of one of Jakarta hotel I’ve stayed.

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